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Jewish Life in Germany: Past and Present

Alongside the presentation of objects, art installations, hands-on stations, and virtual reality over two levels await visitors. The wealth of the museum’s own collection has a greater emphasis than before – more than 70 percent of the over 1000 objects are from the museum’s own holdings. The restorers have been busy preparing objects for the exhibition over the past months to let them shine in a new light. The exhibition is divided into five historical chapters spanning from the beginnings of Jewish life in Ashkenaz, through the emancipation movement, the Enlightenment, and its failure, to the present. The largest space is dedicated to National Socialism and the chapter “After 1945,” where topics such as restitution and reparation, the relationship to Israel and Russian-speaking immigration from 1990 onwards are the central themes. As a “final chorus,” the video installation Mesubin (The Gathered) brings the polyphony of contemporary Jewish together. - JMBerlin

Yiddish Summer Weimar

Yiddish Summer Weimar has brought together artists, scholars, students, volunteers and audiences from all over the world for a unique atmosphere of learning, sharing and joy!

Cultural Summer

The Jewish Museum Berlin hosts an annual two-month-long festival during the summer. Traditionally hosted in the museum’s garden, visitors flock to the seemingly endless selection of events which include concerts, readings, the sharing of traditional and modern delicacies, as well as the popular Jazz in the Garden event. The Cultural Summer Festival attracts visitors and contributors from many diverse and exotic corners of the world. The festival, which began in 2004 as a secret event, is now a primary cultural event in Berlin where summer is celebrated, and guests can enjoy the museum's new additions and exhibits. Several known figures have attended past festivals, including fiction writer Molly Antopol, actress Katharina Marie Schubert, and Parisian singer Noëmi Waysfeld.

Jewish Culture Days Berlin

Jewish Culture Days Berlin has a different theme each year, which is expressed through a range of exhibitions, concerts, performances, readings, discussions and more. This collective expression of Jewish culture takes place over eight days and has expanded every year. It now proudly honors Berlin as being, once again, the Jewish capital of Germany. The festival aims to reinforce the notion that while there is still the distinct tragic memorial aspect to the Jewish history in this city, there has been a revival of Jewish prosperity, strength, respect, and immersion into the local society. The festival was created to share and appreciate Jewish culture. With events scheduled throughout the city, visitors are presented with a vibrant display of Berlin’s modern Jewish population in a unique and exciting way. Covering a wide variety of areas such as music, food, religion, literature, arts and more, this festival truly exemplifies the robust nature of Jewish society in Germany today.

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Did you know that Jewish festivals, exhibits, culinary events, and holiday celebrations are taking place every month in cities around the world?

Our new account @world_jewish_events will help you stay up-to-date and find Jewish cultural events happening during your trip abroad and right in your hometown! 🎉

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A delightful skewer with grilled asparagus from the Local Italian restaurant in the Tel Aviv Port. This restaurant has undergone all sorts of changes, but is now flourishing under the command of Philx Rosenthal.

Come find a nice spot inside and enjoy a variety of unique Italian dishes!

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La Fabrica @lafabricapty is an excellent Israeli-Moroccan restaurant in Panama City where a guy named Itai prepares the food and a guy named Chai prepares the beer. According to food critic @gilhovavisrael these beers are some of the best he's had in his 56 years.

The photographed dish is the Mega Shakshuka, made with precision and high quality ingredients.

Next time you find yourself on a plane to Panama, this should definitely be on your restaurant list!

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Did you miss the Great Big Jewish Food Fest? Lucky for all of us, many of the sessions from this 10-day online festival were recorded and are avaliable for viewing.

Check out recipes, cultural food classes, and more with WJT's new vitual tours and events! 👨‍🍳

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Miss sharing Shabbat dinner with friends and family?

With WJT's new virtual events, you can find virtual Shabbat dinners to attend around the world!

This is a perfect way to make some new friends and connect with others on Friday nights. 🍷

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What traditional Jewish dishes have you been making this summer? 🧆

Experiment with new recipes and let WJT's new virtual cooking classes teach you to make tried and true Jewish-style dishes.

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Always wanted to learn how to make traditional Israeli cuisine like Sabich and Malabi?

Get a taste of the Holy Land from the comfort of your home with virtual cooking classes by Israel's top chefs! 🥙

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Miss Shabbat dinner with family and friends?

Prepare unique Jewish recipes from Cheesy Garlic Challah to Sweet Noodle Kugel. You'll be sure to impress your friends and family at your next dinner party with these recipes. 🍽️

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Come out of quaratine with a few new Jewish-style dishes under your belt!

Perfect your shakshuka or traditional bourekas with our new vitual cooking classes! Just buy the ingredients and let the food experts teach you the rest. 🍳🍅

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