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Annual Purim Ball

Join us for exclusive Purim Ball that raise vital funds for the Museum’s exhibitions and programs. These festive events are not to be missed. The 35th Annual Purim Ball will take place WEDNESDAY, FEBRAURY 24, 2021, at 7:30 PM EST. This year's ball will be a virtual gala. HONOREES Shari and Jeff Aronson Jonathan Horowitz MAYER SULZBERGER AWARD The Jewish Museum's Essential Staff CO-CHAIRS Meg and Bennett Goodman Stacey and Curtis Lane Nancy and Morris W. Offit Tracey and Robert Pruzan Harriet and Leonard Schleifer For information, please contact Melissa Mundy at PurimBall@dsconsultinggroup.com.

My Jewish Learning on Zoom

As the coronavirus pandemic forces many of us into our homes, new opportunities are being created every day to connect virtually. Welcome to MJL’s Hub. The Hub is a space that includes daily information about live content from all 70 Faces Media publications, including My Jewish Learning, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Kveller, Alma, and The Nosher, in addition to a wide spectrum of other great online Jewish events. Our hope is that the Hub will connect people with some of the incredible learning opportunities now accessible across the globe. All times are ET (Eastern Time).

Yivo Virtual Jewish Food

Join us for an exploration into the heart of Jewish food, with an emphasis on the Ashkenazi table. This course features hundreds of never-before-seen archival objects, lectures by leading scholars, and video demonstrations of your favorite Jewish recipes by renowned chefs. Discover how the essence of Jewish food has remained constant even as the recipes have evolved and changed with the migration of Jews around the world

My Jewish Learning Cooking Classes

My Jewish Learning is all about empowering Jewish discovery for anyone interested in learning more. We offer thousands of articles, videos and other resources to help you navigate all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life — from food to history to beliefs and practices. This site now offers over 20 Jewish cooking videos so that you can learn how to make traditional Jewish and Israeli dishes like shakshuka, kugel, haroset, challah, and more!

Jewish LIVE

In early March of 2020, as one Jewish event after another was suddenly being cancelled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the team behind the Judaism Unbound podcast realized that we were about to experience months in which not one in-person Jewish event would take place. And many events that would have been in person—ranging from synagogue services to large conferences—would have to migrate to the digital landscape to which we migrated some years ago. And we knew that physical distancing would bring loneliness and a sense of social isolation for many people.

We also saw that this situation created an opportunity for many Jews, and non-Jews, to connect to Jewish experiences that they might have been intimidated to join in person. And it created many other opportunities: to find commonality and community across distance; to create experiences for others; to re-think elements of Jewish life that may not have been working so well before but that had inertia.

We thought that we could help by creating a port of entry into live Jewish events in cyberspace. Think of jewishLIVE as the international airport or as the Grand Central Station serving the new land of online Judaism.

Our mission is to help you find what you’re looking for and get you there quickly. This web site combines a calendar events with beaming from “Star Trek” because if you discover that something is happening right now, you can just go there in a single click!

Israeli Day Parade

What began as a few thousands walking down Riverside Drive, NY in honor of the youthful State of Israel in 1965 has today become a massive parade of roughly 30,000 participants marching down Fifth Avenue in celebration and solidarity.

American Sephardic Music Festival

World class musicians perform dynamic and diverse musical numbers at this event hosted by the American Sephardi Federation and directed by David Serero. The Festival takes place over the course of three days at The Center for the Jewish History in New York City.

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Anyone else feel summer coming? 🌞😎☀️

Keep cool by visiting Mousseline: Jerusalem's top rated ice cream parlor. 🍦

Visit the link in our bio to see other ways to escape the Jerusalem summer heat!

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Who doesn't love some authentic Israeli cuisine?

Now that restaurants are opened back up in Israel, we want to share this list of ISRAEL’S TOP 10 ETHNIC RESTAURANTS. 🧆🍅🥙

See the link in our bio for the list.

79 3

Dreaming about falafel or shakshuka? Take a walking tour of Carmel Market to get a taste of Israel.🥙

>>> Tap the link in bio for more restaurants

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To keep you warm while you plan your next trip to Israel some delicious Harira soup 🥣.

Check out the link in bio for trip ideas
Photo: @GilHovavIsrael

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Spread the love of Jewish & Israeli food with our #JewishRestaurantChallange:

1. Upload a photo from the restaurant
2. Tag us

Winner will have their photo featured on our page!

#WorldJewishTravel #JewishFood #JewishFoodie #JewishRestaurant #MiddleEast #HummusLover #FoodChallange #IsraeliFood #IsraelFoodie

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Get a taste of the Middle East at the Hummus Bistro in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Tap the link in our bio to find more Israeli-style restaurants in Amsterdam.

Photo repost: @hummus_bistro

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Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah as we light the first candle of the 2020 year. 🕎

2020 hasn't been easy, but at least we can end with some delicious fried latkes, jelly donuts, and gelt!

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