Flora is a licensed tour guide, specializing in the Jewish walking tours in Le Marais. She was born and raised in heart of the Jewish quarter in Paris and is very close to her Jewish origins. After studying history and art history at the Sorbonne University, she decided to become a guide with the hopes of revealing the city’s Jewish history that you would never find in a tour book. Flora is passionate about Paris, her Jewish origins, and sharing her vast knowledge with visitors who come to explore her hometown.  

Esther Almena

Esther is a licensed Madrid tour guide who has a strong passion for the city she was born in. She became a tour guide just a few years ago because she decided it was important to show visitors the natural way of Madrid and not just the top attractions and highlights. Esther’s goal is to make tourists feel like locals for the day and take them to some of the places less traveled. Don’t worry, you can still get insight into the city’s famous attractions, but Esther adds a personal touch that you won’t get traveling in a large group or on your own.

Esther attended a historically significant high school in Spain, which was founded in 1346. It was here when her passion for Madrid began as she began to discover the art and history around the school. While she tried living in other cities, she was always pulled back to Madrid. There is something about the Debod Temple sunsets, enjoying tapas with friends, local summer festivals, hiking the beautiful mountains, rooftop cocktails, and chocolate con churros that she couldn’t find anywhere else. On a tour with Esther, you will explore the city like a local and get to experience what it’s like to live in this incredible city.

Mayte Larraya

Mayte is a Madrid native and qualified tour guide who enjoys organizing tailored tours for the guests who come to her city. Based on your needs and interests she will create an exciting tour that is sure to make you fall in love with Madrid and its fascinating history. She can help you discover the most popular sites of Madrid, the city’s artistic gems, and its cultural and gastronomic life. If you want to explore areas outside Madrid, Mayte has extensive knowledge about Toledo, Segovia, and Avila, and is happy to accompany you to these cities as well. 

Sabrina Scaglianti

Sabrina was born and raised in Venice and has always been interested in the anthropology of traveling and tourism. She has worked in the tourism business since the early 90’s, mainly working as a guide in Venice, but she also leads seminars and volunteers for A.F.S. and the European Federation for Intercultural Learning. Sabrina offers a variety of tours for groups with a variety of interests. 

Cannaregio District and the Jewish Ghetto

In the Cannaregio distrcit, one of the oldest districts in Venice, sits the Jewish Ghetto. This district isn’t known to many tourists, but it’s a charming place to visit and holds so much history. On this tour you will visit the Campo del Ghetto Nova where you will learn about the history of the Jewish Ghetto and how for years it was an important reference point for the European Jewish community. You will also see the outsides of several synagogues, visit Ghetto Vecchio, and explore several other hidden treasures in Cannaregio district.

Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter

This tour begins at the Jan Palach Square. From there, you will head to some of the main historical synagogues, pass the Jewish Cemetery, and visit the famous astronomical clock in the Old Town. You will learn about Prague’s Jewish history by visiting various landmarks throughout the city and hear about the events that lead up to WWII.

Prague Historical River Cruise

This cruise through the waterways of Prague is a great way to relax and learn about the history of Prague through a new perspective. The boat departs from the Charles Bridge and passes the Prague Castle and “The Devil’s Channel” (Čertovka). There are complimentary beverages on board and your ticket will allow you into the Charles Bridge museum where you can continue to learn about the oldest bridge in Prague.

Mia Corbey-van Praag

Mia wants her clients to experience 16th century Jewish life in Amsterdam and her deep knowledge of Jewish history and tradition in the Netherlands allows her to do this. She has more than 25 years of experience and has worked as a guide in the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue, and at the Dutch Memorial site, Hollandsche Schouwburg. Her specialty tour is a Jewish District Walking Tour and her knowledge of Dutch 17th and 18th-century architecture allow her to add something unique to all of her tours.