The Jewish Story of Caceres, Spain

Caceres is a charming town known for its national park, stately homes, and ability to preserve itself through history. These qualities sure make it worth a visit to this historical city. Fascinatingly, the city is an early example of religious coexistence; Caceres was populated by Jews, Moors, and Christians in the 11th century, although it is likely that Jews settled there during the Muslim rule a century earlier. Stop by the Old Jewish Call and observe the one-storey houses in all of their chaotic glory stacked on top of one another, and the Plaza Mayor, where Jews sold their wares and crafts. The nearby Caceres Museum offers a wealth of information, and for the more eagle eyed tourist, just around the corner at number 30 Barrio de San Antonio de la Quedabra Street is a street sign recalling the city’s past Jewish population with two stars of David.