Cuban Jewish Heritage Tour

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Cuba has been a refuge for Jews since 1492, when conversos sought a safe haven from the Spanish Inquisition. Today, a tiny but united community of one thousand remains after more than five hundred years of history and five distinct waves of Jewish immigration. Our journey affords you a unique opportunity to interact with people from the community and provide much needed assistance and aid to those who share our lineage. Beyond Judaism, you will also have the chance to interact with Cuban artists, educators, historians, musicians, shop owners and everyday people to learn about the Cuban culture, including the similarities and differences between the Jewish-American experience and the Jewish-Cuban experience. Finally, we’ll get to see all of the iconic places that make Cuba a must-see destination. We’ll ride in classic American cars, dance the salsa, eat delicious Cuban food and tour Old Havana, where we can listen to Cuban jazz, drink rum and learn how Cuban cigars are made.