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Looking for good meat in Mahane Yehuda market? 🧆

Hazot is a second-generation family owned restaurant of quality meats and other home-made dishes with Jerusalem Mix flavor. The fresh, seasonal produce used in the salads and as other ingredients adds to the ambiance of the Jerusalem market.

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Looking to experience a traditional South American roast in Israel? 🍖

The Asado Bar, located near Kiryat Tivon, is a family restaurant which roasts fine meats on coal.

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Who doesn't love a family run restaurant? 🍝

Tanti Baci is a family-owned, vegan Italian restaurant in Kiryat Tivon. Every unique dish is handmade in the restaurant or Italy.

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Got cheese? 🧀

HaMeiri Cheese Shop is the perfect place for any dairy lover to stop while visiting Safed. The shop has been supplying gourmet sheep cheese for the past 170 years.

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There's much more to experience in the Dead Sea Region besides the beautiful nature!

Taj Mahal's Bedouin tent treats its visitors with excellent hospitality, Moroccan décor, Middle Eastern music and dancing, and of course, great food.

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Today, on the 9th of the Av, Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.

You can learn more about Jerusalem and the times the temple stood through archeological virtual tours on our site. You can also experience what the culture, food, and buildings of this city are like today.

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Have you ever seen Israel from an off-road jeep? 🚙

Avi Levy is a certified jeep tour guide located in Kiryat Tivon. His tours are perfect for families and are offered throughout the country.

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Have you seen some of this year's greatest films? 🍿

If not, you can see them at the Jerusalem Film Festival this August, along with work from local film-makers.

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Have you ever experienced Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem?

The annual Tisha B'av walk begins with the reading of Megillat Eicha which is commonly read on this day and ends with singing of Hatikvah. The path follows the historical Jerusalem sites and the participants have the opportunity to pray at the Western Wall.

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Have you ever experienced the Klezmer Festival? 🎺

Once a year, free performances take over the streets of ancient Safed. It is a perfect way to experience the culture, architecture, artists quarter of Safed

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Are you someone fascinated by documentaries and storytelling? 🎥

The DocAviv Festival in Tel Aviv showcases brilliant and creative documentaries both locally and internationally made.

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How many different beers have you tried? 🍺

At the Jerusalem Beer Festival, you will find over 150 brands and flavors of beer from Israel and around the world. The beer is also accompanied by good music, food, and people.

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