A trip to Haifa is not complete without a visit to the BahÑʼí Gardens and Shrine. 🌼

Not only are the gardens and shrines magnificent, the 19 terraces have a perfect view of the glistening Mediterranean.

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What can you expect from a trip to the Dead Sea?

🌊 The seawater and mud help relieve inflammation and dry skin, so you get a spa treatment and swim all in one!

🌊 The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth! Something fun to check off your bucket list!

🌊 There's a lot more to explore than just the sea! The Dead Sea region offers luxury spas, hiking, and events year-round.

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How much do you know about the Temple period of Jerusalem?

The City of David has many virtual tours available to discover the archeology of the ancient city of Jerusalem!

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Learn Hebrew and discover Jerusalem all from the comfort of your own home!

The Jerusalem HebreWalks virtual tour takes visitors through the history of Jerusalem up until the modern day with an experienced Hebrew teacher.

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