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Jewish city story of Be'er Sheva

Be’er Sheva is one of the largest and most historically prominent cities in Israel. It has both an ancient biblical past and is a primary jewel of innovation in modern day Israel. Keeping with the tradition of Israeli history, the city has hosted scores of Jews, Arabs, Christians. In the last few decades it has been a main center of immigration for the return of diaspora Jewry, and the mix of these cultures is evident and appears in all facets of life.

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Anzac Memorial Centre

The ANZAC spirit brought hundreds of horsemen from Australia and New Zealand to bravely and determinately fight for their homeland in the Land of Israel and in Be’er Sheva. You are invited to learn all about the ANZAC spirit at the ANZAC Memorial Center in Be’er Sheva. A tour of the center will unfold the story of these soldiers in an engaging and moving way. The ANZAC Memorial Center in Be’er Sheva was built in cooperation with the governments of Australia and Israel, the Be’er Sheva municipality, the JNF, JNF Australia and the CWGC. The Center is located near the cemetery for combatants of the First World War in Be’er Sheva. The Center will be dedicated as part of the 100th anniversary of the occupation of Beersheba by the ANZAC forces on October 31, 2017 in the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel and the Prime Minister of Australia. The ANZAC Memorial Center is a unique place in Israel that tells the story of the soldiers of the ANZAC soldiers and the conquest of Be’er Sheva in an experiential manner. Visitors to the center will journey to another continent, another time, and discover themselves in the process.The ANZAC Memorial Center in Be’er Sheva is an educational facility committed to promoting and instilling the values of heritage, patriotism, identity and the promulgation of knowledge, all embodied by the ANZAC spirit and their stories. The ANZAC Memorial Center is a central point of interest for visitors in the city of Be’er Sheva. The Center is a magnet for tourists from Israel and from around the world, for IDF soldiers, for students and for anyone interested in the national heritage of Israel and of the city of Be’er Sheva, as well as those who cherish the ANZAC soldiers and their bravery. Image attribution: zeller -zalmanson Pikiwiki Israel, CC BY 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons; Dr. avishai teicher Pikiwiki Israel, CC BY 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Tours of Be'er Sheva


Street Art in the Old City of Be'er Sheva

The Old City of Be’er Sheva has been enjoying a cultural and artistic boom, in the last few years, with museums, galleries, street exhibits and artistic projects, some even becoming a tradition. Among the wealth of artistic happenings in the ever-evolving city, the street art scene stands out the most, glorifying the old walls and giving them a happy and luminous street gallery vibe. Discover Be’er Sheva’s street art scene through a colorful and vibrant tour, in which we will explore amazing murals, interactive street games and extraordinary art projects. We’ll walk among the picturesque streets and impressive historic buildings, discuss the artistic development in the Old City and the many artists who “took over” it and turned it into a real gem. Hear about the “Walls in the Old” (“Kirot Ba’Atika”) project – a colorful street gallery exhibiting the local art to the public, and see “Paint in the Old” (“Tzeva Ba’Atika”) project – a series of beautiful murals decorating various building fronts around the city. We’ll pass by the experimental project featuring giant thinking games, stationed along Mordei HaGetaot street and enjoy a specially exciting game; visit a wall decorated with amusing statues at an incredibly reconstructed Ottoman house, by a local artist; gaze at the thousands of colorful lampshades hanging over Kakal street. To complete your artistic experience, we offer you to visit the Artists House in the Negev, the various galleries and the fascinating museums active around the city.

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מדריכים בעיר CITY GUIDES


Aaron Shaffier

I’m a licensed tour guide who guides groups, families and individuals to all parts of this amazing land called Israel. I specialize in tours designed to bring the Tanach (Bible) and Jewish history to life. I will work with you or your organization to tailor an itinerary to your needs. A tour guide can make or break your experience when visiting Israel. If you are planning a group tour through a tour provider, ask for me by name! You will know that you are getting a guide who is passionate about this land and will go the extra mile to make every member of your group happy. Groups: I work with you and your tour provider to build the ideal itinerary to meet your needs. When speaking to your tour provider, ask for me by name, that way I can be involved in the planning stages of your itinerary. Often tour providers want to impress you with how many sites they can squeeze into a short trip. I will work with you and your provider to create a realistic itinerary that will allow your group to truly enjoy their visit to the Holy Land. Families and Individuals: I will work with you to create an itinerary that will make your whole family happy. I will help you find the best options for lodging whether it be a hotel or bed and breakfast (Tzimmer) and I will help you find restaurants that cater to your price level and any special needs like Kashrut. When you take me as a guide for your family, you will rent and drive your own vehicle and I will guide you. This saves you a lot of money. Guides who drive their own vehicle charge significantly more because they are doing two jobs at the same time, tour guide and taxi driver. SOME FACTS ABOUT ME I am originally from Los Angeles, CA so I’m a native English speaker. I am a husband and father of 9. We made Aliyah to Israel in 2007. I am a Chabad Chassid. I studied in Yeshivahs in Los Angeles, NY and Israel. I’m a certified Torah scribe and I’ve completed writing 14 Torah scrolls. I currently live in Be’er Sheva. Besides guiding tours I love hiking, reading, teaching and posting photos to Instagram.

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Hotels in Be'er Sheva


Le Riad Be'er Sheva

Le Riad hotel is located in a 110-year-old building in the Old City of Be'er Sheva. The building has undergone several transformations since it was purchased by Mimi Osedon and became the vacation home it is today. Mimi, who was born in Morocco and immigrated with her family at the age of six months, grew up in Be'er Sheva, moved to Tel Aviv after the army and established a successful beaded jewelry and leather clothing business. After getting married, giving birth to her daughter, and living abroad in South Africa and Kenya, Mimi returned to Be'er Sheva. When she first returned, she opened a bridal dress shop, which burned down in a fire. Because Mimi had always dreamed of openeing an authentic and refied Moroccan accommodation, she took this tragety and an oppotunity to fulfull that dream. With the help of her daughter, she began renovating the burned-out building, turning it into the guesthouse it is today. They decided to flow with the natural features of the building, which has an area of ​​200 square meters and is built around an inner courtyard with an area of ​​64 square meters, like the inner courtyard (Riyadh) that characterizes traditional Moroccan construction. All rooms revolve around an inner courtyard including the windows that face inwards, this creates intimacy for the host. The authentic riad includes an inner courtyard with a garden and a source of running water in the form of a fountain, a spring, a waterfall, a pool, and more. Their plan was to travel to Morocco and other destinations and gather everything needed to turn the ancient structure into an authentic fine accommodation. Everything from the Moroccan bismuth tiles overing the yard to the luxurious sofas and carpets are authentic and improted from from Morocco! You will find nothing but luxury and authenticity while staying at hote Anilevich!

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