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A unique Florence is one narrated by the places of the Florence Jewish Community. Thanks to the synagogue, the museum and the monumental cemetery, you can discover a privileged lens to look deep into the great history of the capital city of Tuscany. 

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Cemetery of Viale Ariosto

“A corner of the city that’s hidden and unfamiliar even to most Florentines themselves”: such is the Jewish Monumental Cemetery, which opened in 1777 outside the gate of San Frediano and remained in use until 1870. A tall perimeter wall acts as a jealous guardian to protect, like a precious chest, a major cultural treasure. It is made up of funerary chapels and monuments, such as Cav. David Levi’s Egyptian pyramid-shaped tomb, which are timeworn yet worth visiting to discover this atmospheric place, which is emblematic of Jewish society. While there are none of the figurative works found in other Jewish cemeteries, some of the tombs are nothing short of sculptures, of considerable artistic value. Equally interesting are the funerary chapels in neo-Egyptian and neo-Renaissance style, such as that of the Franchetti family. The same styles are found in the oldest part of the Rifredi cemetery (13, Via di Caciolle), designed by Marco Treves (one of the three architects who designed the Tempio Monumentale) between 1881 and 1884. The recently-restored mortuary chapel takes the form of a central-plan temple in Renaissance style, with painted decorations on the inside. Jewish tradition does not allow for bodies to be exhumed, except in a few specific cases; generally more than one cemetery or “campaccio”, the term used to denote Jewish burial grounds, was found in each city. When the whole area had been covered by tombs, a new plot needed to be found, even though human and municipal circumstances often flouted this rule, requiring remains and tombstones to be moved elsewhere.

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Your guide, Steven, grew up in Southern California and inherited a profound appreciation of Italian art and history from his father who served in Italy during World War II. As nomadic as his biblical forefathers, he has resided in Europe at various intervals before definitively returning to Italy in 1989 to create a home and study art history at the Università degli Studi in Florence. He speaks, reads and writes in Italian and French and is passionate about his English Setter, wine, woodworking, and gardening. Increasingly, he finds himself amidst an alien culture and, like the Italian Jews themselves, often in a world very foreign. JEWISH ITALY is more than his repudiation of national confines, insatiable appetite to travel, a means to a livelihood, research or an education. They are his tours of the Jewish soul. Jason is a native Italian from an old and distinguished family that includes scientists and writers well known in Italian society. An attorney admitted to the practice of law in the State of New York, he has always held an avid affinity for the Jewish history of Italy. He resided in Italy for many years and now lives in Sun City, Arizona with his wife, Marisa. He passes leisure time photographing the desert, continues to write mystery novels under the name of Joseph Steven, and is active in the area's Jewish community. Over the years, he has persevered in making the Jewish-American community aware of the rich tapestry woven by Italian Jews and their worldwide contributions to the world of science and letters. He is fluent in Italian, Spanish, Catalan, and English and our contact within.

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FBCEI - Fondazione Beni Culturali Ebraici in Italia August 4, 2022

The Jewish Story of Florence, Italy

A unique Florence is one narrated by the places of the Florence Jewish Community. Thanks to the synagogue, the museum and the monumental cemetery, you can discover a privileged lens to look deep into the great history of the capital city of Tuscany.  [caption id="attachment_30201" align="alignnone" width="1500"] The Great Synagogue of Florence[/caption] A town of little importance during the early Middle Ages, Florence became more firmly established during the course of the 11th century. During the 12th century, it began to grow at such a rate that it clashed with the other Tuscany city-states. In the 14th century, these conflicts took the form of political rivalry between the Guelph and Ghibelline factions, and when the Guelph government of Florence chose to support the House of Anjou it was able to overwhelm its rivals and maintain lasting power. Florence reached the height of its glory in the 15th century, under Cosimo il Vecchio and Lorenzoil Magnifico, who was the main patron of the extraordinary cultural phenomenon known as the Rinascimento (the Italian Renaissance), which made Italy the cradle of new European art.  

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What a lovely little place with a very intimate and easy-going atmosphere and nice staff. The cheese cake is not to be missed!


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Wedding at the Great Synagogue of Florence #synagogue #wedding #florence #jewishflorence #paolabarbettibohm ...

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Discovering the Cinque Terre while brushing up your sailing skills? One of the best suggestions from last week. div.in_italy had a blast creating bespoke local experiences for the guests of the beautiful elitekosherevents sukkah in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany. While celebrating in a fine, intimate and inspiring atmosphere, every family wished to explore their own piece of the marvellous surroundings. Highlights included strolling Chianti hilltowns with vintage cars, and its olive groves with harvesting and olive oil tasting at the Ferragamo family estate ilborro, horse-riding on the walls of the fortified city of Lucca, watertaxing through the alleys of Venezia topped with an interactive glass-blowing class at #Murano, jeep tour in the caves of the Carrara Marble Alps, guided tour of the Jewish Florence and Jewish Siena, local pasta dishes cooking class, and so much more. Thank you again elitekosherevents for your world class famous hospitality. Busy Autumn first episode. ✨🍁🍝🇮🇹⛵🥂🕍🛵✨ #nofilterneeded #jewishexperience #sukkah #sukkot #luxurykosher #luxurytravel #jewishheritage #jewishvenice #jewishflorence #jewishholidays #eliteevents #koshertourism #koshertraveller #koshertravel #koshercooking #kosherdelight #kosher #bespokekoshertravel #highlights #jewishitaly #italianholidays #sukkotitaly #divineadventures #kosheradventure ...

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Chag Sameach! Happy Shavuot - Great Synagogue of Florence #shavuot #synagogue #lilipans #jewishculture #jewishflorence ...

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Great tour today with Terry. We visited in-depth #florencesynagogue and we talked a lot about the history of the Jews in #Florence at the time of the #medici. Loved every moment of the conversation we had about my last trip in #israel. Thanks a lot!!

#jewishtourflorence #jewishflorence #tourofthesynagogue #fantasticflorence

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🇮🇹 La Sinagoga di Firenze è un mix affascinante di stili, capace di stupire ogni visitatore. Lo stile moresco, che ci ricorda le sinagoghe spagnole, è visibile nell’uso di materiali come il travertino bianco, il calcare rosato e i marmi per i pavimenti, così come negli elementi costruttivi; mentre lo stile arabo e bizantino sono individuabili nella ricchezza delle decorazioni, con mosaici veneziani e policrome decorazioni geometriche, che rivestono le pareti. Infine elementi romanici della tradizione fiorentina sono rintracciabili nella partizione e nel cromatismo delle facciate, nella pianta centrale e nella scansione dei volumi. Una tappa imperdibile!
🌍 The Synagogue of Florence is a fascinating mix of styles, able to amaze every visitor. The Moorish style, which reminds us of the Spanish synagogues, is visible in the use of materials such as white travertine, pink limestone and marble for the floors, as well as in the construction elements; while the Arab and Byzantine styles can be identified in the richness of the decorations, with Venetian mosaics and polychrome geometric decorations, which cover the walls. Finally, Romanesque elements of the Florentine tradition can be found in the partition and chromatism of the facades, in the central plan and in the scanning of the volumes. An unmissable stop!

Photo © Sinagoga e Museo Ebraico, Firenze

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Solo un pezzo di marmo o un capolavoro della scultura mondiale emblema del Rinascimento nonché simbolo di Firenze e dell`Italia all`estero? Venite con me a Firenze e giudicate voi stessi il David, scultura realizzata da Michelangelo Buonarroti, databile tra il 1501 e l`inizio del 1504 e conservata nella Galleria dell`Accademia a Firenze.


Just a piece of marble or a masterpiece of world sculpture? Claimed to be the emblem of the Renaissance period, as well as a symbol of Florence and Italy abroad or overrated? Come with me to Florence and judge for yourself the David, sculpture created by Michelangelo Buonarroti, dated back between 1501 and the beginning of 1504 and located in the Galleria dell`Accademia in Florence.

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Chianti tour with style and at the right pace. ✨🚗🌄🍷✨ Wandering with a vintage car in a postcard-like landscape makes a lot of sense for many reasons. Chianti geometrical yet romantic nature of hills dotted with olive groves and vine rows, crowned with its picturesque hill towns showing layers of history since the Etruscans, deserve to be discovered with attention. Vintage cars are somehow a natural mode of transportation in this setting, enabling a slower pace for a more enjoyable ride and the liberty to stop for a wine tasting in a kosher winery, an olive oil trail in a centuries-old frantoio, a picnic in a stunning unique spot...be our guest and embrace Chianti for what is really is. .
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