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Memorial de la Shoah

Mémorial de la Shoah is the Holocaust museum in Paris, France. The memorial is in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, in the Marais district, which had a large Jewish population at the beginning of World War II. The memorial was opened, by President Jacques Chirac, on 27 January 2005. This day was chosen to coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. The memorial underwent a major renovation in 2005, creating exhibition spaces, a multimedia center, and a reading room. Wall of Names Several walls that make a passageway to the building list the names of the approximately 76,000 French Jews who were deported and murdered by the Nazis. They are listed alphabetically by year of deportation. The Crypt The crypt predates the Mémorial de la Shoah; in 1957, the ashes of victims from the different death camps and the Warsaw Ghetto were buried in dirt from Israel. A door from the Beaune-la-Rolande internment camp in France faces the tomb. The "Jewish Files" The Jewish files are located in a small room near the crypt. They were created by the Vichy government to identify Jewish citizens, and were later used by the Nazis to locate Jews for deportation. Exhibit Rooms The memorial's permanent exhibit documents the history of French Jews during the Holocaust. The materials on exhibit include photographs, text, and video and audio recordings. The memorial also includes an auditorium, bookstore, multimedia learning center, documentation center, and the Room of Names (research room). The Wall of the Righteous Since 1963, the Museum Memorial of Yad Vashem (Jerusalem) has awarded the title "Righteous Among the Nations" to non-Jewish people who helped save Jews during the war. As of 2014, this wall lists 3,300 people, either French or acting in France, who have been awarded this title. The wall runs alongside of the memorial. Image attribution: BrnGrby, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Tours of Paris


Eiffel Tower Guided Climb

The Eiffel Tower Guided Climb gives you the opportunity to climb the Eiffel Tower with a guide who will share with you the history of the tower and point out the surrounding sites as you get to the top. You won't have to wait in the long elevator line and you will definitely get a good chunk of your daily steps in. There may be a line for the stairs, but this is still much shorter than the elevator line.  Your guide knows the 704 step climb isn't easy and has prepared several stops along the way to share fascinating stories and legends about the world's most visited landmark. During the first section of the clumb, you will learn about Gustave Eiffel, the young engineer, entrepreneur, and builder of the magnificent tower.  If you're worried about bringing kids on this tour, many people who reviewed this tour said it wasn't a problem and their kids loved it. Because of the breaks between levels, the climb isn't as daunting as it sounds. On the second level is where you feel a real sense of accomplishment. You can gaze out at the breathtaking views and enjoy the birdseye tour of the entire city. Your guide will tell you about the districts and monuments such as Les Invalides, Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Montparnasse, and Champs-Elysees. This tour is a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, insight on the tower's history, and many wonderful photos to show friends and family when you get home. 


Paris Charms & Secrets

Paris is a city filled with rich history and culture, but there are so many hidden facts to some of the city's top attractions and stories behind almost every corner. The big Saint-Sulpice Church, for example, was once a hayloft, and the building where the president works, the Elysse Palace, was once a gambling house. Thanks to the research made by the team at Paris Charms & Secrets, hundreds of strange and personal stories that were hidden somewhere in old books and documents, have been brought to life again. Did you know that there is a link between Al Capone and the Eiffel Tower? Or that the Eiffel tower had a younger sister? Paris is a mysterious city and on this tour, you will learn some of the top mysteries and the stories surrounding them. When you take a tour of the Louvre, you might hear a few details about the architecture, but at Paris Charms & Secrest, you will hear a story about the museum's greatest scandal. The goal of this tour is to provide you with the lesser known, hidden stories and details, that you won't find anywhere else.  This tour is done on an electric bike because you travel more than 20 km and this is an effortless way to cover as much of the city as possible in four hours. There is no other tour that travels this way, but it's perfect for staying out of traffic, entering protected areas, keeping the group at the same speed, and being able to enjoy some fresh air. By now you've read a few of the hidden facts that the historians at Paris Charm's & Secrets dug out for you, but there are plenty more stories waiting to be told. If you want a fascinating, slightly unconventional tour that takes you to the places less traveled and tells you the hidden secrets of Paris, this tour is for you.  

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Hotels in Paris


Hotel de Jobo

The Hôtel de Joséphine Bonaparte, JoBo to those in the know, opened this charming residence, with its lounges and 24 rooms, to all would-be Parisians – for a night or a longer stay, a cup of tea, an evening drink, or even a whole night of cocktails and delicious nibbles. Hidden behind a flamboyant courtyard, Hôtel de JoBo is the intimate and delightful escape after a long journey, a day of strolling, visiting museums, and fabulous shopping to be found in this multi-faceted part of old Paris. Born Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, her lover and soon to be second husband Bonaparte renamed Rose de Beauharnais “Joséphine”. In today’s world, Joséphine Bonaparte would probably be known as JoBo on Instagram and in celebrity magazines. She is the fantasized inspiration behind this hotel. Who better than JoBo, the contemporary alter ego of Joséphine Bonaparte, to represent French elegance with charming frivolity? As a backlash to the Revolution and the Reign of Terror, the fashionable aristocratic subculture “The Incredibles and The Marvelous” (Les Incroyables et les Merveilleuses) decadent mantra was to live life to its fullest. Joséphine, dressed or rather undressed like a Greek goddess, was amongst their trend setters. Her sense of style was admired by all. But this great seductress also had a more down-to-earth secret garden: at Malmaison, just outside Paris, she had 240 species of roses from all over the world planted... roses for Rose, the little girl that she had once been, who had run barefoot in her Martinique hometown of Trois-Îlets. To appease her nostalgia, a heated greenhouse for tropical plants was built.

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Merci mille fois !

"Merci mille fois !

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite !

Bravo pour votre travail ! "


Chez À Cours d`hébreu, on adore vos messages !!

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Bravo pour vos cours !!

"Bravo pour vos cours.

j`habite depuis 9 ans en Israël et j`ai fait énormément d`oulpanim.

J`ai lu des livres en hébreu et j`écoute les khadashotes donc je suis un peu une elie Cohen au féminin.

Ça m`a valu de me faire éjecter par des gens que je saoulais avec l`hébreu et mon vocabulaire soutenu. Je ne regrette pas du tout car je sais tout faire ici à l`écrit.

Par contre, vos cours pour les avancés m`éclairent et me font comprendre qu`il faut parler simplement et qu`il y a plusieurs hébreu, écrit et oral et que ça n`est pas bien vu de parler avec un hébreu compliqué.

Merci à vous deux !"


Chez À Cours d`hébreu, on adore vos messages !!

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#hebrew #jewishparis #israelenfrance #onlinelearning
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Comme on dit au Québec, lâchez pas la patate!

D`abord bravo à toute l`équipe pour l`excellent travail que vous faites. Honnêtement, je ne crois pas que je me serais lancé dans l`apprentissage de l`hébreu sans vous, surtout à distance et dans l`impossibilité de faire cet apprentissage en Israel. J`en suis aux derniers cours de faux-débutant et j`ai hâte de me lancer dans interméadiaire.
Au plaisir et, comme on dit au Québec, lâchez pas la patate! "


Chez À Cours d`hébreu, on adore vos messages !!

#oulpan #formation #objectif #apprendre #hebreu #hebrew #jewishparis #israelenfrance #onlinelearning #elearning #israel #israeliculture #israelites

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