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Thank you for the visit uricohn ❤️🫶🏼 It was so much fun to see you Sexualizing Zionism in Prague 🕍 See you soon!

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Jewish heritage in Prague extends well beyond the Jewish Quarter. Take the Jubilee Synagogue just steps off the Main Train Station, where Art Deco meets Moorish inspirations. Most locals walk past without noticing but they miss out this gem of a schul.

One thing special about this synagogue? A proper organ inside. So the next time you walk by, check out if they have a concert coming up. So with the new Jewish year around the corner, happy Rosh Hashanah! Have a great year everyone.

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Hello everyone 💕

My name is Yvonne and I am running an account about Jewish history and heritage. 🕍
During the pandemic, I started to visit abandoned Jewish sights in the countryside and created content about the local history of small Jewish communities. I have BA from the Department of Middle Eastern studies and correctly working on my MA in Political Science at Charles Uni. I also work as a independent guide in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. I never thought there are so many people out there that would support me and find my work important. So, those of you who are new here, welcome and I hope you will learn something new, and thank you for joining our little community. For those of you who are with me since the beginning thank you so much for your support and encouragement! 💕

Thank you all and I am excited about the next episodes ✨🤩

Photo by talented mystery_of_jerusalem

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Prague’s first snow ❄️💕I love how the city has a unique atmosphere in each season. Get ready for warm socks and got wine season 👀 In earlier times, the whole river froze and it was possible to do ice skating or just walk on the river. You would be entire families having fun there. Unfortunately, I have never experienced this due to global warming but it is a dream!

Photo by Praguetoday

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Cementerio judío en Praga Uhrineves ✡️ Jewish Cemetery in Prague Uhrineves #prague #praga #jewishprague #pragajudía #uhrineves #cemetery #cementerio ...

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😍 This stunning synagogue is just as vibrant and gorgeous inside! ⁠

Located in Prague, the Jubilee Synagogue (also known as the Jerusalem Synagogue due to its location on Jerusalem Street) was built in 1906, making it the newest synagogue in Prague. During World War II, the synagogue functioned as a repository of seized Jewish property.⁠

The synagogue still actively hosts services today, as well as visitors from all over the world — both Jewish history fans and architecture buffs alike.⁠

Photo via Wiper Mexico / Wikicommons⁠

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