István Koteczki

My name is István Koteczki, I have lived in Szeged since 1995, and I have been a resident here since 2006.  After finishing my universitystudies in 2002 I  got a tour guide license in the same year.  In the past years I’ve guided many groups – Hungarian and foreign speakers, small and big groups, young and elderly people – and showed them around in this marvelous city.

Amit Musaei

My name is Amit Musaei. My life hobby is to travel and explore the land of Israel. at 2013 I decided to make a living from my passion and became a Licensed Tour Guide by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel. Nowadays I guide independent tourist & groups. I expertise in History, religions & ancient cultures. Through my tours I connect my travelers to the history of the land by showing the abundance of archaeological evidence, walking through world heritage sites & through Israel’s diverse nature. To enhance the experience we meet locals and travelers get to learn about Israel’s society.

When leading spiritual tours aspect of religions comes alive either by following Jesus footsteps or when coming to experience the land of the Jewish ancestors following the bible.
When touring in Israel Geopolitics would always be an interest, as a tour guide I am offering different aspects and trying to be unbiased.

Contact me on any question regarding your future visit to Israel. I am offering guiding services all around Israel and will plan the tour to your requests and interest. – Amit Musaei

Danny The Digger

Danny “the Digger” Herman is an Archaeologist, Lecturer, and entrepreneur. He is the chief guide of a team of experienced and enthusiastic  tour guides who lead tours around the country. Tours to Haifa, Israel’s largest northern city, include top attractions such as the Bahai Gardens, German Colony, Elijah’s Cave, Science Museum, National Maritime Museum, and The Technion.


While studying geography and tourism management in university, Anna began to lead local study tours in the field of sustainable development and history. She continued to learn about business and sales after completing her studies while traveling around the world for work in several multinational companies. Now Anna is a passionate tour guide who offers both inner city and countryside tours.

Maybe you want to visit Balaton, the largest European lake surrounded by historical sites, or take a trip to the Eger fortress where Hungarian soldiers defended their community against the Ottoman army in 1552. There are several towns and sites that are just a short drive outside the city filled with fascinating history and beautiful scenery. If you decide to stay inside Budapest there are several tours to choose from including the Pest walking tour, Buda Castle district tour, and a secret tour that takes you off the beaten path to some of the more hidden and unknown city sites.

Of course, there is also an option to create your own tour based on your personal interests, whether that be art, nightlife, or food. No matter which tour you chose or which part of the city you decide to explore, Anna will share with you historical and cultural stories that will connect you to the city and even make you feel like a local for the day. Anna has always had a passion for other cultures and is thrilled to have this passion be part of her job and be able to share it with visitors.


Andrea is originally from Venezuela and has been living in Paris for 2 years. She fell in love with energy, colors, and architecture of Paris during her first visit, and since moving there, her love for the city has only grown! Around every corner, there is a unique story, and every street gives off its own personality. While Andrea has several pre-designed tours based on different topics and interests, she is happy to create a custom tour if there is something specific you are interested in. Some of her tours will take you to popular landmarks and sites, while others are based on specific themes such as fashion, sports, urban life, Bohemian culture, and Paris-filmed movies. Andrea wants to share her love of Paris with you and show you another side to the city that you wouldn’t otherwise know or might miss while exploring on your own.


Luisella Romeo

Luisella has worked as a registered tour guide in Venice since May 2000, when she was officially certified by the Regione Veneto. She is also a member of the Association of Registered Tourist Guides in Venice and the National Association of Tourist Guides in Italy. After graduating from the University in Venice Ca’ Foscari with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, she traveled abroad where she continued to study art and history. Luisella loves meeting people from around the world and hearing their different perspectives. She loves working as a tour guide and is looking forward to helping you discover Venice. 

Fiona Guisto

Fiona was born and raised in the beautiful city of Venice where she attended school and graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from Ca’ Foscari university. She started working as a professional guide in Spring 2000 after obtaining her licence from the Regione Veneto. Since then, she has worked with clients from around the world leading tours in art and Venetian palaces, by foot and on boats, and to both classical sights and hidden gems around the city. 

Marcus John Bradshaw

Marcus Bradshaw is the founder of the Naked Tour Guide, a company he started in 2013 to be the exact opposite of mass tourism. This company operates with small groups who walk the path less traveled and get personalized tours based on their interests. Over the last 5 years, Marcus has led hundreds of visitors through the historical and cultural city of Prague, helping them to make the most of their visit. Marcus, along with the other guides he works with, have a passion for the city and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with the people who come to visit.

Jeremy Minsberg

Jeremy Minsberg – The Berlin Expert

If you’re looking for a private tour in English, Jeremy Minsberg, aka Mr. Berlin, might just be your guy. Jeremy is an American Jew who has been enjoying the exciting Berlin life for over 17 years. TripAdvisor has given him the Certificate of Excellence 2017 and he’s received a score of 99% from hundreds of happy tourists. So what makes Mr. Berlin’s tours so great?

If you want to hear more about Jewish history or learn about architecture, he’ll make sure your topics of choice are covered. Jeremy’s tours are all in English but he does things like the locals do – you’ll explore the city using public transportation from the Underground and the S-Bahn to biking and walking, you’ll see Berlin from many angles and perspectives. Jeremy does his tours out of passion and his love of Berlin and all its amazing history, so he doesn’t offer set fees and instead encourages his guests to name their price. Tours usually last between half a day and a full day, depending on weather, interest, time, and sights on the agenda.

Some of Jeremy’s amazing tour options include:

  • Berlin Overview Tour: see all the top sites in one grand afternoon
  • Jewish Berlin Tour: explore the ups-and-downs of Jewish life in this city
  • Cold War Berlin Tour: learn how a city rebuilds itself after division
  • Destruction and Construction Tour: the must-take tour for architecture fanatics
  • Times of Terror Tour: visit the sites of the darkest period of Berlin, the Nazi era
  • Gay Berlin Tour: enjoy the tolerant, open-minded history of Berlin
  • Bike Tour of Berlin: explore the city on two wheels and from a whole new perspective

Minsberg also offers a few tours that head out of Berlin proper. His Potsdam tour takes you to the neighboring state of Brandenburg, known for hosting the Prussian kings and Germain Kaiser. He also offers a tour of Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp about 45 minutes north of Berlin. If you don’t want to walk, there’s also an option to rent a limousine or private car for the tour – driver included. Lastly, Jeremy offers a Daytime Companion option where you can simply ‘hang out’ for the day exploring the city from Jeremy’s perspective.

One of the nicest features of Jeremy’s tours is that he donates a portion of his fees to a local charity. Minsberg supports cultural organizations, a Berlin Jewish educational center, and a Berlin school that helps HIV positive children integrate into mainstream society. So by going on a tour with The Berlin Expert, you are not only experiencing a unique and exciting side of Berlin, but contributing to the local community.

Yoav and Natalie Sapir

If you’re looking for an in-depth tour of Jewish Berlin, Yoav and Natalie Sapir’s Jewish Heritage Tours are informative and captivating. What’s more, they shed a whole new perspective on both the history of Jews in Berlin and the modern revival of Jewish life.

Yoav was born in Haifa, Israel to a father Holocaust survivor and a mother whose family escaped Poland before the war. The Holocaust was a real presence in his home as a child and as he grew, history became his passion. He came to Berlin in 2006 to complete his studies in German-Jewish history, and since then has been giving tours, translating academic literature, and working as a journalist for Israeli and German newspapers and magazines.

Natalie was born in West-Germany and came to Berlin in 2009 to study history and political science. In Berlin, she met Yoav and discovered Judaism and she also continued on to study Jewish studies and philosophy. She believes that Berlin is “the most beautiful city in Germany and maybe even in the whole world,” and brings her passion into her guiding.

The Berlin Jewish Heritage Tour is the Sapir’s most popular tour. It delves into the history of Jews in Berlin, addressing the question, Who were the Jews of Berlin that made this community so successful before the Holocaust? The Sapirs relay stories of rescue and survival during the Holocaust while standing at the actual spots they occurred. Yoav and Natalie also discuss the revival of Jewish life in Berlin and contemporary Jewish life.

The tour takes place in Berlin’s Jewish Quarter and includes stops at the following locations, among others:

  • The Central Council of Jews in Germany
  • Two neighboring rabbinical seminaries — reform and orthodox — that made Berlin important in religious terms
  • The “hackesche” courtyards, where the founder of Reform Judaism lived
  • Jewish elementary schools and the contemporary Jewish high school
  • Old and new synagogues
  • The oldest Jewish cemetery in Berlin’s historical center, where Moses Mendelssohn is buried
  • Memorials including the Stumbling Stones, the Deserted Room, the Missing House, and the Block of Women

In addition to the popular Jewish Heritage Tour, the Sapirs offer the following tours:

  • Advanced Jewish Berlin Tour, during which Yoav and Natalie explore off-the-beaten-track locations in West Berlin.
  • Cold War Tour, a unique tour that takes tourists to “odd locations” and discusses the role of Germany in the cold war, specifically addressing the division of Berlin.