István Koteczki

My name is István Koteczki, I have lived in Szeged since 1995, and I have been a resident here since 2006.  After finishing my universitystudies in 2002 I  got a tour guide license in the same year.  In the past years I’ve guided many groups – Hungarian and foreign speakers, small and big groups, young and elderly people – and showed them around in this marvelous city.


Karyna left her marketing job to follow her dream of becoming a full-time tour guide. Ever since moving to Vienna from the Ukraine thirteen years ago, she has been in love with the history and culture of Vienna. Even in the most hidden spots around the city, there is meaning and Karyna set out to discover the meaning and history of all the sites, streets, and alleyways that were around her.

She loves learning about the conflict and history that shaped Vienna into the city it is today, but even more than that, she loves being able to share that knowledge with the people around her. Her tours range from classic tours for those wanting a broad introduction of the city to specialty tours that dig into urban life, or the history of cinema in Vienna. Then there are surprise tours that can be arranged for those who might not know exactly what they want, but do know what they are not interested in. Karyna helps people discover Vienna and fall in love with the city in the same way she did.


Gertrude will take you by bus, minicar, or tram to not only the city’s top sites, but also to the hidden streets, which hold just as much history as St. Stephen’s Cathedral. She will tell you stories as far back as the Roman era and explain how the rest of Europe had an influence on Vienna’s culture and population. For over 20 years, she has led tourists throughout the city, helping them to feel at home during their stay in Vienna.

You can choose to focus on Vienna’s Jewish history, Sigmund Freud, famous women figures, music, or do a full city tour to hit the top sites and historical locations. There is so much history to learn and sites to see in Vienna. Gertrude will help you to see it all and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.


Peter Heuritsch

Peter Heuritsch is a personal, certified guide with the goal of being your cultural mediator and cultural ambassador during your stay in Vienna. He wants to show you the special Viennese way of life, “savoir vivreת” as they say in the city. He does this by sharing both stories and historical facts within his tours. While touring with Peter, you will get to learn about the city through the eyes of a local who was born and raised in Vienna and is very passionate about his work. 

After starting his own business as an art dealer and gallery owner, and working as an entrepreneur in the field of financial consulting and communication training, Peter returned to his passion and love for art and culture. He wants to inspire all visitors who come to see Vienna, and he certainly has the knowledge and skills to do so.

Not only does Peter offer tours inside Vienna, but he is knowledgable about and can accompany you to the beautiful regions around Austria such as, Lower Austria, Salzburg, and Tyrol. If you choose to stay and explore inside Vienna you will find tours revolved around art, cuisine, sightseeing, and museums. You will be able to travel by foot, bicycle, Segway, or Vespa. Peter offers a tour for everyone and is looking forward to share his passions with you.  



Mag was born and raised in southern Burgenland and has always loved Austria and learning about its history and culture. Since 1997, Mag has worked, studied, and lived in Vienna. She continues to find new and fascinating information to learn about the city. At the University of Vienna, she studied Austrian and contemporary history and decided to finally become a tour guide after the two-year training course at WIFI Vienna.

In university, her thesis focused on the destruction during World War II, and Mag particularly loves guiding tours about this topic. Mag offers a variety of personalized tours based on your interests. She will explore the city with you on foot, bike, bus, or lead you around a museum you might be interested in. If you have a particular interest such as music or art, Mag is happy to create a tour about the incredible Austrian artists in one of the art museums, or take you to various spots in the city with a rich history in art.

Mag works with smaller groups as well as schools and universities, starting from age six. Whether you are six or sixty, want to learn about a specific topic or see the top Vienna sites, Mag will share all she knows with you and in an interesting way. You will leave the tour feeling connected to Venetian history and will gain insider travel tips for the rest of your stay in the incredible city.

Private Jewish Grand Tour Budapest

This private tour is for those people who want to have an intimate experience learning about the Jewish Hungarian culture and the rich Jewish heritage in Budapest. You will explore the highlights of the Jewish district and have all your questions answered by a professional local guide during the 4.5-hour tour. Your guide will make sure you visit the sites you are most interested in and skip the destinations you don’t feel a need to learn more about.

During the tour, you will see the Gozsdu passage, the Jewish quarter, all three synagogues in the city center, and several other places. The tour ends at the famous kosher confectionary where you are invited for cake or can choose to receive 10% off at a Jewish restaurant. If you are interested in learning about the Jewish history of Budapest with a knowledgable tour guide, this tour is perfect for you.


Emily creates tailor-made tours based on your interest in hopes of helping you make the most out of your holiday or time in Budapest. She offers tours in a variety of languages and can even provide a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan to travel to further locations such as Vienna or other neighboring historic towns. She has experience with kids from working in schools, is happy to accommodate to the older adult population who might have difficulty walking, and is always willing to explore the city on foot for the athletic travelers. 

Whether you are interested in the city’s general history, a specific site, art, or Hungarian food, Emily will make sure you end her tour with all your questions answered. She can take you on a sightseeing tour to some of the city’s top sites such as the Basilica, Parliament, Andrassy Avenue, Opera, Chain Bridge, Matthias Church, and Danube Corso. Some of her other specialty tours include a Jewish tour in the city center, city lights tour, extended Budapest tour (5-8 hours), Lake Balaton and Herend tour, Danube tour, Szentendre tour, and Art Nouveau tour. Whatever you are interested in, just tell Emily and she will create a spectacular itinerary that allows you to check off the sites and destinations on your Budapest bucket list.  

Jewish Heritage Tour Madrid

Madrid is not only Spain’s capital, but the largest city in the country. Many of its streets and neighborhoods have maintained their historic essence and the large museums and landmarks help to preserve the city’s rich history. The Royal Palace of Madrid, Royal Theatre, Golden Triangle of Art Museums, Buen Retiro Park, and the 19th century National Library are just some of the city’s features that preserve the culture that once took over the entire city. 

Much like the rest of Spain, Madrid’s Jewish history consists of two types of periods- perspiration and development, and persecution. The Jewish communities thrived in Spain during the Middle Ages but were later expelled in 1492. It was during the mid-19th century that Jews began returning to Madrid and today, Madrid has one of the countries largest Jewish communities. The Jewish Heritage Tour will take you through Madrid’s central neighborhoods which once made up the city’s Jewish quarter.

Today, thousands make up the city’s Jewish community and there are several synagogues and even a Jewish day school. During the 1991 peace talks between Israel, Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinians, Madrid became a notable place in Jewish history. There are also national institutions in Madrid that own centuries-old Jewish texts not found anywhere else in the world. Madrid has a rich Jewish history and modern presence and this tour will teach you about the Jewish heritage sites and help you better understand what Jewish life was once like in Madrid.