Yshai Levi

My name is Yshai Levi and I live in Tel Aviv, with my wife, Tal and our two beautiful children, Gaya and Itai.
I have been a licensed tour guide in Israel and abroad for more than 25 years.
I studied history, philosophy and computer science at the Tel Aviv University.
I hold a MBA degree in marketing from Bar Ilan University.
I served as Educational commander in the Israeli Army.
I studied for 2 years to become a tour guide licensed by the ministry of tourism. We studied everything from geology through history and religion, all around Israel.
I speak Hebrew, English , Spanish and Portugese.
I guide mostly pilgrims from all over the world, coming to see the Bible come to life, walking the same path our ancestors did so many years ago, as it is written in the Bible.
Towards the end of 2000, I started a 14 year career as a quality assurance engineer and manager at various high tech companies.
Although, when the kids grew I returned to my real love – and opened my business – Quality Tours – specializing with tailor made tours for business travelers and pilgrims .
I love everything about history, geography and archaeology! Exploring the beauty that Israel has to offer is my passion!

Sephardic Jewish Tour of Portugal

Discover the Jewish Portugal as we travel through the memory of a Jewish past. Uncover the riches of that time in history. Let us guide you 8 days travelling through the heart of soul of Jewish Portugal searching for the Jewish roots.
Has we take in many of the highlights of this region of Portugal, we will base our tour and cultural visits on Beiras Jewish heritage. How this has been the meeting place of three great cultures and religions: Judaim, Christianity and Islam.
From the end of the 15th century persecutions, convictions and forced conversions destroyed this Jewish communities. They become “New Christians” continued, in the secrecy of their homes, to honor their religion and to orally pass on, the prayers resisting to assimilation.
This trip is a close look at to an heritage of great value, not always visible, because it has been subjected to multiple destructions and pressures, but that we are gradually discovering.
But we want also to extend your experience about the local culture, history and gastronomy. So this will be a tour where you will get to know the locals and it’s culture in this North/Center area of Portugal. For that we have prepared for you unique experiences all along the way.


Gertrude will take you by bus, minicar, or tram to not only the city’s top sites, but also to the hidden streets, which hold just as much history as St. Stephen’s Cathedral. She will tell you stories as far back as the Roman era and explain how the rest of Europe had an influence on Vienna’s culture and population. For over 20 years, she has led tourists throughout the city, helping them to feel at home during their stay in Vienna.

You can choose to focus on Vienna’s Jewish history, Sigmund Freud, famous women figures, music, or do a full city tour to hit the top sites and historical locations. There is so much history to learn and sites to see in Vienna. Gertrude will help you to see it all and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.



Andrea is a native Hungarian, born in Budapest, and has worked as a licensed, private guide since 1995. She is a very enthusiastic guide, excited to show off the city’s beauty and educate visitors about the fascinating history and culture. Andrea grew up during the communist regime, giving her a unique perspective on the recent history in Budapest.

Do you want to walk on the cobblestones of the old castle district, enjoy spectacular views from the Fishermen’s Bastion, or maybe relax in Gellert Bath? Andrea not only takes you on tours to the most well-known spots in Budapest but offers several themed tours as well. Some of these include a communist past tour, Jewish history tour, wine and food tour, river cruise tour, and several countryside tours. It’s difficult to get to know a city or country on your own, especially with limited time. Andrea’s personalized, carefully planned tours and deep knowledge of her hometown will allow you to discover more about the city than you could on your own.