Authentic Kosher Havana Tour

Heritage Group Sightseeing Multi-Day

Experience Cuba and discover for yourself why this enigmatic
Caribbean island creates such a compelling narrative. Cuba is an
exhilarating feast for the senses! Intriguing architecture, beautiful classic
cars dotting the streets, world-famous drinks and cigars, festive
entertainment, and warm locals who genuinely love hosting contribute
to the amazing atmosphere. While you may not consider a tropical
island as a place steeped with Jewish tradition, Cuba was once the hub
of Caribbean Jewish life. The history of the Cuban Jews stretches back
to 1492. It is believed that Marranos (Spanish Jews who were forcibly
converted to Catholicism) accompanied Columbus on his voyage,
making Jews some of the first Europeans to set foot on the island. Hear
and see the fascinating story of Cuba’s Jews, while soaking in
everything this exotic destination has to offer! Cuba’s authentic flair and
lively spirit are felt throughout every corner of Havana’s vibrant streets
and breathtaking natural sites.