Baltazar Budapest

5 Stars
Baltazár Budapest is a family owned boutique hotel located in the World Heritage Buda Castle district. While the hotel has a Hungarian Grill Restaurant and Wine Bar, the neighborhood around the hotel is one of the city's gastronomic hubs packed with unique cafes and restaurants. At the hotel's Baltazar Grill, you'll find a wonderful selection of meats, vegetarian options, and local wines, but for serious wine fans, the Wine Bar is where you want to be. This bar showcases the most authentic and high-quality wines from Central Europe and around the world.  The history of this cozy hotel is quite interesting, as it began by coincidence when the owner stumbled across the building in search of a home for his family. This man always had a passion for design and the beautiful architecture of the building inspired him to build a dream hotel which over the years, transformed into a prestigious boutique hotel. Iconic artwork and vintage furniture fill the hotel and each room has it's own theme and style. Don't get too caught up in the beauty of the hotel because you'll get a spectacular panoramic view of the Danube while walking the historic streets of the Buda Castle. You will also come across famous monuments and historic landmarks such as the Royal Palace and the Mathias Church. This hotel gives you the comfort of home in a beautiful neighborhood to explore.