Steakhouse Jewish Deli

Carniceria is the only kosher butcher shop in the city and is located in the Old Havana district on Acosta Street. The shop is privately owned by Abraham Berezniak and has been open for nearly 70 years. It provides kosher beef to the country’s Jewish community, but non-Jewish residents as well. A privately owned store is somewhat rare these days because after Castro’s 1959 Revolution, most private businesses were nationalized. Some of the locals believe that the government allowed the butcher shop to remain open to avoid claims of anti-Semitism. Eating meat in Cuba is not trivial. Cows are the property of the state, and Cubans go as far as to say it’s a far worse crime to be caught slaughtering a cow than a person. The shop is managed by Adath Israel, the city’s Orthodox synagogue, and the synagogue’s cantor is the only shohet in the city.