Danish Jewish Museum

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The Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen opened in 2004, located in the Royal Library Garden netx to the Parliament. In the museum you can experience 400 years of Jewish life in Denmark. The museum was designed by world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind and has many similarities with the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

The Jewish Museum is located in the beautiful Royal Library Garden next to the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Castle. The building is an ancient boat house belonging to king Christian 4th who invited the first Jews to settle in the Danish kingdom in 1622, 400 years ago.
Daniel Libeskind’s characteristic architecture gives you an enthralling universe of the Danish Jewish culture, and the exhibition is put together in harmony with his architecture.

The emblem of the museum interior is the Hebrew word ‘Mitzvah’, which can be translated as an obligation or good deed.
Daniel Libeskind based his architecture on the outstanding deed of the Danish people who helped saving more than 97% of the Jewish population during WW2.

This site has been visited by Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Primeminister Lars Lökke Rasmussen.