Dona Castle

4 Stars

The Dona Castle was built in 1745 by Chulaybee’s the older son of Dahar El Omar, the Bedouin ruler of the Galilee. The citadel was connected as part of the Ottoman wall that surrounded the city. Ancient walls of the castle are visible on the eastern wall of the citadel, engraved in the basalt stone. In 1837, a major, devastating earthquake destroyed much of the city. The walls of the city fell and the citadel damaged, later being restored.

In 2007, the castle was purchased and underwent a lengthy process of restoration and reconstruction in order to convert into a boutique Hotel and artist workshops. The Castle was restored with great sensitivity while preserving all original features including restoring the original stone arches in the rooms and maintaining the original partition, they aim to give our guests a periodic and intimate experience that combines history and hospitality with the highest standards. The intimate structure allows groups or families to enjoy the entire castle for their own privacy.