East End Tours: Old Jewish Quarter Tour

Group Sightseeing Historical Walking Private

This tour is held every Monday and Thursday at 1pm and will take you through the East End of London, focusing on the old Jewish quarter. You will start in the heart of the East End at Aldgate Station where you will see where the Jewish area began. You’ll be taken through the back alleys of the Spitalfields and Whitechapel where you will see the old shops, synagogues, and soup kitchens that were once used by a thriving Jewish community.

On the tour, you will visit London’s oldest synagogue, see London’s finest 18th century houses, and explore the busy streets lined with boutique shops. Though most Jews between 1881 and 1914 fled for the United States, around 150,000 settled in London’s East End. You will see the old store fronts that were once run by local Jewish community members and learn where the Jews worked, how they maintained their cultural traditions from Eastern Europe, and what it was like for them to live in London.