Fülöp Wimmer’s Grave

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Jewish Grave
One of the most peculiar tombs of the Jewish cemetery belongs to Fülöp Wimmer. The tall column as well as the stone memorial with hemp leaves together refer to his profession. He was the director of Szeged Hemp Weaver Company for over 40 years and was President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Szeged. Fülöp Wimmer was one of the most influential hemp industrialist of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Grave location: Parcel 90, line 3, grave 7
Fülöp Wimmer (1854−1934) was born in 1854 in the town of Tejfalu, Pozsony County. After graduating from the Academy of Commerce, he worked in Budapest for a shorter period of time as an office clerk. Then, in 1883, he went to Szeged and worked for the Bakai's hemp factory. In 1885, the factory was named the First Hungarian Hemp Weaver, and in 1890 Szeged Hemp Weaver. Fülöp Wimmer soon became the Chief Executive Officer of the factory. He developed The Szeged Hemp Weaver from a small rural factory to one of the largest hemp processing plants in the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, whose production could not only fully meet domestic demand, but also exported most of its products to western industrialized countries and even overseas. In parallel with the constant development of the factory, Fülöp Wimmer has been increasingly involved in the development of Hungarian agricultural hemp production and has also earned indefeasible merit in this field. In 1913, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Szeged elected him as vice president, and unanimously president in 1918 and 1926. He published many articles and several dissertations in local journals and newspapers. He was a member of the City's Colouring Committee. He was enthusiastic about theatre, renting the same balcony there for forty years. He never married and worked actively for the city for the rest of his life. Wimmer died at the age of eighty; his sisters laid him to rest in the Jewish cemetery in Szeged.