Jewish Cemetery of Kolkata


The Jewish Cemetery in Kolkata (Calcutta) houses two genizot, the older one is sealed off, as it was filled to capacity, but the new one still towers above the graves of the Jewish Cemetery. According to historical records, the first recorded Jewish immigrant to Kolkata (Calcutta) was Shalon Cohen in 1798 from Aleppo in present day Syria, soon the Jewish community in the city started to grow. The first recorded Jewish death in the city happened on 1st Jan. 1812 and the community needed a cemetery as the deceased Hacham Moses needed to be buried. Today the Jewish Cemetery on the Narkelgdanga Main Road is still active and contains hundreds of graves but sadly the graves of Moses or Cohen can no longer be traced. Some records suggest the presence of another private Jewish Cemetery in the nearby 24, U. C. Banrejee Road, but it probably no longer exists.