Jewish Heritage Tour of Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldov

Heritage Historical Multi-Day

You are very welcome to join us for an intriguing tour in search of the lost of Jewish heritage in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. There are many places you will visit such as synagogues, memorials, schools, Jewish history museums, theaters and cemeteries.

We start in Sochi, a famous resort city on the Black Sea coast, with its humid subtropical climate, once called the Russian Riviera. Next let’s learn about the old civilization of the Abkhaz, that live nowadays in the Republic of Abkhazia, once called Florida of the Soviet Union, which separated from Georgia after the war from 92’93. Only Russia, Venezuela, Nauru and Nicaragua recognize its independence. Finally we get to the Crimean Peninsula, famous for breathtaking landscapes and rich history, after driving on the famous bridge over …