Koshe Kosha

Ethnic Seafood Indian

For over a decade Koshe Kosha (KK) has strived to bring back the authenticity of Bengal’s culinary heritage whilst bringing the cuisine to a more contemporary palate. As a unit of Proem Hospitality, KK was created with the single vision to promote the flavours that form this unique cuisine, to a wider audience.

With multiple restaurants across India, the food at Koshe Kosha is known for its distinct “Bangaliana”*. Our signature dishes Kosha Mangsho, Chingri Malai Biryani and Bhekti Paturi have brought a smile to thousands of patrons. We are on a quest to bring this same smile and gastronomical experience to the world.

Our original menu was limited to the age old “Kosha Mangsho and Basanti Polao” combination. The roots of this confluence originated from North Kolkata but its authenticity was on the verge of extinction. Therefore in the summer of 2007, KK was born with a small space in Hatibagan, Kolkata with the drive to bring this classic back. Over the years, we have added to the menu in order to represent the larger vision of taking this cuisine to new heights.

KK has been able to add numerous restaurants in our portfolio and gained years of experience under our belt however, “Kosha Mangsho” will always remain our favourite and most popular dish!

*”Bangaliana” – Although definitions can typically vary and be quite abstract, we regard this term as being associated with providing a true reflection of the traits that defines being a Bengali. A projection of the energy, sentiments, culture, thoughts & habits that originate from this historic region.