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Historical Cruise

In this charming town, close to Lorraine, was Louis-René de Rohan a new family spent his castle build. Decorated with stately and seemingly boundless luxury wearing the sandstone castle (fr. Château des Rohan) at 140 m with its long front garden to the unique cityscape Savernes. Some might argue that he perceives the “magic atmosphere” of the city: According to legend, the African water saver is to be sanctified and have healing powers. But the many tangible treasures of the city, make a visit to the city recommended.

The town is characterized by many old half-timbered houses, of which especially the Maison Katz with its delicate carvings from the 17th century is to be called, in which you can also dine with a clear conscience and cost a good drop. Particularly beautiful is the Rose Garden (fr. Roseraie) in the western city. This was created in 1900 and is home to about 450 different kinds of roses, which can be seen between mid-June to mid-September.

Just 5 km outside the city walls stands the ruins of the mighty castle Haut-Barr Castle on the Mountain of Haut-Barr about Alsace. The fantastic view owes ruin the nickname “eye of Alsace”. The castle was built around 1170 and severely damaged during the 30 Years War, after a renewed building in the 18th century, the castle fell into ruin but. In the connected timber-frame building is a nice restaurant, where you can fortify yourself after visiting.