4 Stars

A fourteenth-century tower which, immersed in a centuries-old and fairytale park, is part, with its bastion, of the ancient defensive walls of Padua. Massimago Wine Tower, an oasis of peace in the heart of the city, offers three elegant suites named after three prominent historical figures who contributed to making Padua extraordinary: Giotto, Donatello and Galileo Galilei. Massimago Wine Tower is not just a period residence, it is a unique, exciting and exclusive experience. The majesty of this tower that rises between the river and the city of Padua will make your stay unforgettable. The suites, elegantly furnished and equipped with every comfort, are steeped in the ancient history of the city.

The cultural association “Il Cenacolo della Torre”, our partner, aims to enhance the centuries-old park and the bastion adjacent to the tower. In this regard, the association organizes various experiences that include guided tours inside the Massimago Wine Tower complex, visits to the city and wine tasting from our cellars. Massimago Wine Tower aims to make each guest experience the atmosphere of the 14th century in a unique and timeless experience. In the perfect union between the history of the city and the wine of the Massimago winery, we want to introduce Paduan, Italian and international guests to a secret and wonderful place in the beating heart of a UNESCO city of Padua for its fourteenth-century masterpieces.

Massimago is the name of the winery, based in Mezzane di Sotto in Valpolicella, which has belonged to the Cracco family since 1883. Wine has always been a tool for communicating and sharing beauty, which is why it is the only winery in Italy to have created a group of facilities where you can enjoy unique experiences related to wine. Massimago is therefore our first partner, indeed, our family.