Mocha Art Cafe

Jewish Style Mediterranean

As the name suggests, Mocha art cafe is where one heads when in the mood for some relaxing enjoyment, tasty coffee, and soul-satisfying ambience! As you walk through the Synagogue lane in Jew town Mattanchery a panoramic view of the historic Jewish Synagogue greets your eyes. This oldest synagogue in the country attracts thousands of tourists and is one of the most visited spots in Kochi. However next to the Synagogue is another Dutch building 400-year-old and once upon a time home to the Rabbis who worked in the Synagogue.

Back in 1910 Abdul Karim Mohammed a spice trader bought the building and converted it into a warehouse. Karim Mohammed passed on this legacy to his son AKM Sulaiman. As tourism flourished in Kochi and the number of tourists visiting the Synagogue increased
Mr. Sulaiman moved his business from the Dutch building to another part of the city. From then on, this building with its treasure trove of history remained closed for almost thirty years until Junaid Sulaiman grandson of Mr. Karim Mohammed decided to convert it into an art cafe.