Mulhouse Synagogue


In 1798, the Jews returned to settle in Mulhouse, where there had been no Jewish families since the beginning of the 16th century. The worship was celebrated in various places of prayer which quickly became too small. A new synagogue, in an oriental style, built by JB Schacre, was inaugurated in 1849. The architect plays on the difference in proportions and materials: there is a disproportion between the high and wide nave with slender bays and the narrow side aisles. very low, with squat openings. Inside, the nave is covered with white plaster, while the aisles are in pink sandstone. The gable wall overlooking the rue des Rabbins is the most ornate part of the building; on the triangular pediment, the tables of the law surmounted by an oculus are flanked by seven-branched candlesticks, the menorah, supported by pilasters.

Several beautiful Judaica objects and a set of paintings by the famous painter Mané Katz are displayed in the community center room (Paul Jacob collection).