The Scots Hotel

4 Stars

The Scots Hotel was built by the Church of Scotland on the site of the over 120-years-old historical medical complex, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and overlooking the Golan Heights. The luxurious hotel is a unique fusion of 19th century basalt rock buildings dating from the time of the original hospital compound (offering 16 Antique rooms) and a modern building (offering 50 Unique and Deluxe rooms).

For a culinary & a leisure experiences the hotel offers The Torrance Restaurant which is well known for the fine cuisine and rich gourmet food; the Gazebo Terrace with the beautiful botanical gardens overlooking the stunning vista of lake & mountains; the Ceilidh Bar with the authentic Scots Pub atmosphere; the Wine Cellar, the Visitor’s Centre and the Lakewiew Spa wellness center with Turkish Haman, Gym, Sauna and a large variety of special spa treatments.