Virtual Israel Tours

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We connect people to Israel by curating engaging and interactive virtual experiences through Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Our programs take participants on a deep dive into a variety of topics from ancient and modern Israel. You tell us your interests and we can build a program for you. Some of our tours include: Jerusalem of three faiths or Jewish heritage Jerusalem Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies Jewish Quarter, Mount Zion and the 6 day War Life in the Jewish Communities along the Gaza Strip Geopolitics, the Golan Heights and the Iron dome Wonder Women thru Jewish history Culinary tour of Machene Yehuda, Akko, Lewinsky, etc Graffiti tour of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Banksys Bethlehem Nature, language, the Bible and the land of Israel Ancient and Modern Jaffa Givat Haviva and Coexistence Wellness, Spirituality and the Negev The Kings