Private Walking Tour: Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto

Private Sightseeing Historical Walking

The Cannaregio & Jewish Ghetto Walking tour takes you off the beaten path through the district of Cannaregio where not many tourists visit. You’ll pass palaces, churches, beautiful canals, and bridges as you make your way to the heart of the Cannaregio district where the Jewish Ghetto lies. You will discover homes of famous Venetians and enjoy breathtaking views of the northern lagoon where you will learn about the role the lagoon played in the history of Venice.

From the Cannaregio district, the second half of the tour will be exploring the famous Jewish Ghetto, a city within a city. You will learn about the Jewish community that lived here for several centuries and their role in the history of Venice. Entrances to the Jewish museum and synagogues are not included in the tour, but they can be visited after the tour because the tour finishes nearby in the Jewish Ghetto.