World War I Memorial


All communities intended to erect a monument to commemorate their war heroes during WWI and especially in the interwar era. Such was the case in the Jewry of Szeged who were the first in town to erect memorial boards for their war heroes on the wall of the Old Synagogue in 1924.

Another WWI memorial place was soon erected in the Jewish cemetery in 1933, remembering the heroic deeds and sacrifice of Jewish soldiers in the Great War. Nevertheless, these monuments also meant to express their loyalty to the Hungarian Nation.

The monument was inaugurated on 29 October 1933; a large number of people regardless of religious denomination attended the ceremony: the leadership of the city, battalions connected to Szeged, school students and representatives of the local religious communities.

The 2 meter tall white stone sarcophagus was made from public donations, and is the work of Jewish graphical artist and sculptor Ármin Tardos-Taussig. Several rows of small marble boards commemorate the names of 116 fallen Jewish war heroes from Szeged in the nearby plot.