La Veranda

La Veranda strives to bring a homey and comfortable feel to its restaurant in both the atmosphere and its dishes. By following a “Happy Meal” philosophy, the chefs work to not only provide customers with the tastiest dishes, but also leave them feeling happy and satisfied. Some of their unique menu items include pumpkin risotto, roasted duck liver, and sea bass with calamari. They also have several dessert specials such as roasted pineapple with gingerbread, cinnamon foam, gingerbread ice cream, and pineapple gel with Malibu! La Veranda is located just in the outskirts of Prague’s Old Town and is a top choice among both locals and tourists that you don’t want to miss out on.

Hummus Bistro D&A

For tourists and locals looking for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in the center of Amsterdam, Hummus Bistro is the place to be. From hummus and falafel to shakshuka and eggplant, this restaurant has something for everyone- vegetarians and meat eaters alike. At Hummus Bistro, you will enjoy the traditional flavors of these Middle Eastern dishes as well as a delightful presentation, all while enjoying the simple, yet relaxing dining atmosphere.


Located in Berlin’s Schoneberg neighborhood, this historically wealthy district has become home to one of the city’s favored Israeli restaurants, EIVGI’s. Visit this casual eatery for kosher Israeli cuisine cooked personally by the restaurant’s chef and owner, Shalom Eivgi. Considered by some as one of the best Israeli restaurants in Berlin, EIVGI’S serves up all of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean classics like hummus, falafel, shakshuka, and a range of salads (and don’t forget the amba!).

Wash down your meal with a potent Turkish-style coffee. EIVGI’S also caters for big events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and so on. Shalom Eivgi, the restaurant’s chef and owner, grew up in the Yokne’am moshav and comes from a religious family. He moved to Berlin with his wife in 2003 and tooday, he puts his own spin on his mother’s traditional Israeli recipes at EIVGI’S. Shalom brings personality to the establishment, greeting guests with a big smile on his face and preparing the food himself.

Shiloh Cafe Bistro

Located in Berlin’s city center on the trendy Torstrasse, Shiloh’s Cafe Bistro serves up vegan, kosher Israeli dishes in a casual setting with catering services also available. One woman, the restaurant’s owner, cooks up generous portions of home-style Mediterranean and Middle Eastern favorites like shakshuka, falafel, hummus, spicy lentil soup, and freshly baked pita. Follow up your meal with homemade orange-honey or chocolate cakes, also vegan.

The cozy atmosphere makes diners feel like they’re enjoying a delicious meal cooked in someone’s home. Shiloh opens just in time for lunch and continues to serve until 21:00. This small cafe has limited seating and guests should expect leisurely, laid-back service. The restaurant doesn’t accept card payments so make sure to bring cash along. The Shiloh Cafe Bistro started out as a kosher catering company before finding its way onto Torstrasse. Originally from Jerusalem, the restaurant’s owner, Keren, has lived in Berlin since 2007. From behind the kitchen, she prepares all of the restaurant’s authentic, Israeli dishes herself.

Yafo in Berlin

Along with countless other delicious restaurants based in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district, Yafo Berlin has made some impressive waves since its opening just one year ago. While the interiors are seemingly bare at first glance, it is the lively owners, music, diners, and of course delicious food that create the energy of this hot spot. Most of the dishes on the menu are vegetarian Middle Eastern bites you would catch back home such as oven-roasted cauliflower, matbucha, date honey and mahalabiya.

If you’re in the mood for an authentic meal and experience, this is the place to go! Be sure to call for a reservation during winter months, as it fills up fast without extra outdoor seating. The restaurant’s fitting name was inspired by the co-owners, Israeli-born Shani Ahiel and Berlin-based Felix Offermann. Once they moved back to Berlin after meeting each other in Tel Aviv, the two decided to bring the Israeli way of life – and food – to Berlin’s bustling gastronomic scene.

Beth Café

The Beth Cafe on Tucholskystraße was one of the first Jewish establishments to be built by the Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel after the reunification of Berlin. The Cafe specializes in Israeli and Jewish foods such as hummus, matzah dumplings, falafel, bagels, and knishes. It also serves delicious hot coffee, tea, and a selection of Wines. All the food is Kosher and under the auspices of the Adass Congregation. Beth Cafe is a non-profit cultural institution and an integral part of the Adass Congregation. The photos on display in the Beth Café are part of a larger photography exhibition by the Berlin photographer, Steffen Jasnowski. The photo exhibition focuses on the City of Jerusalem, man’s connection with God, and the Western Wall.

Restaurant Feinberg’s

Even in Berlin, you can get a taste of the Middle East with Restaurant Feinburg’s Israeli Specialties which focuses on traditional sephardic cuisine. From mouthwatering spiced meats to innovative vegan and vegetarian dishes, Feinburg’s offers a bit of everything – making it a growing staple in everyone’s Berlin culinary tour. Born in 2015 on the streets of Berlin, Feinburg’s has been feeding locals and tourists alike with delicious delicacies from Israel. Created by Yorai Feinburg, a former ballet dancer from Jerusalem, this restaurant is a must-try in Berlin. Feinburg’s thrives in the Schöneberg to this day, despite the occasional anti-semetic rant – one of which went viral in late 2017.