Classic Grill Serbian Restaurant and Cellar

If you love barbecue, a family atmosphere, and friendly service, we warmly invite you to be our guest in the unique kitchen of the South!
The mission of our restaurant is that you – as a guest of our restaurant – can experience the friendly, hospitable, high quality, personalized service. Through our dishes you can experience the carefully selected cuisine and the original tastes of Serbia made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.


Troja is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Szeged, serving burgers, pizzas, and baked rice puddings. The restaurant prides itself on its friendly staff, variety of food, and low prices.

Green Garden 145

Green Garden 145 has not only one, but two key points. First of all, it fully lives up to its name, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere with various green plants at the open terrace. And second, it’s a perfect place to watch football games playing on a big screen in the open salon, while enjoying the real hookah. The cuisine offers national and European dishes and experience of traditional Samovar tea, which you can enjoy while playing board games (backgammon and domino) with friends. Green garden 145 has 1500 m2 area filled with 370 seats at open and closed terraces, big open salon and comfortable private rooms, and offers private parking area for customers.

Qala Divari

Qala Divari is a unique restaurant in the old city of Baku. They serve a delicious mix of European and Middle Eastern food from kabab and shakshuka to dumplings and Qutab. Don’t forget to try their homemade Turkish tea and pop in on a night when they’re playing traditional music, live!

Maoz Vegetarian

Maoz Vegetarian is a fast service restaurant serving authentic falafel and freshly made vegetarian food.

When it comes to falafel, we are world experts. For over 20 years, we have been continuously working on perfecting our product to offer the best tasting nutritious meals to our customers worldwide. And we keep on getting better. With more than 15 signature salads and sauces made with the finest ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, we are always on the lookout for the best quality ingredients available.

Why do we call it a vegolution? Well, we’re the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious. But don’t take our word for it. Once you’ve tasted our food, you’ll get it. And you’re always welcome to come back for more…


The Iranian cuisine is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in Asia. Spices such as turmeric, paprika, dill, saffron, sumac and cardamom are used very discreetly in starters and main courses. The same applies to rose water in desserts.

With rice as the basis for almost every dish, Iran is at the forefront of rice consumption in the Middle East. In the stew dishes (khoresht) people mainly work with lamb meat. The dishes from the grill (kabab) work with many different types of meat such as ground beef, chicken and tenderloin. Rozengeur works with products of the highest quality.

The influences of Shiraz can be found in the use of eggplant and lime in both starters and main courses. As a side dish we serve Salad Shirazi, a traditional salad from Shiraz. We have Paludeh as a traditional dessert. You can also come to us for freshly made Taftoun bread from our own oven every day.

We also serve Syrah wine; the grape variety that originated in Shiraz. In addition to regular tea, we introduce our guests to typical Iranian tea. Coffee lovers can indulge themselves with different types of coffee from Bocca, carefully chosen to fit well with the menu.


Glatt kosher restaurant in Amsterdam

Isola Bella

Isola Bella prides itself on creating an honest and fresh menu centered on authentic Thai cuisine, inspired Italian dishes and a few traditional treats influenced by the Middle East. Our atmosphere is at once inviting and spirited yet subtle enough to appreciate our flavorsome dishes which are sure to arouse your culinary senses. We regularly anticipate fully booked seating so therefore we recommend reserving your table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Diners looking for a unique kosher restaurant experience can find it at Isola Bella. Located in the heart of Golders Green, London (about 1.2 miles from Hampstead Heath), the restaurant and cafe serve a fusion of authentic Thai dishes with influences of Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Isola Bella has both breakfast and lunch menus available. In addition, guests can also choose from one of four set menus, which come with a starter, main course, and dessert. Tables often fill up, and Isola Bella recommends that patrons book a reservation to reserve a place in advance.

When thinking of kosher cuisine, Thai food wouldn’t normally come to mind. Not to mention, with a name like Isola Bella, diners would expect a purely Italian eatery. Perhaps that’s what makes this restaurant such a treat. Isola Bella serves a unique blend of kosher Thai-focused foods with influences of Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The variety of flavors excite the senses. Menu choices range from Caprese salads and pizzas, to shakshuka and smoked salmon, along with Thai egg rolls and pad thai. The restaurant also features an in-house bakery. Both locations serve kosher food under the supervision of the London Beth Din.


One of the basic ingredients in Mediterranean-Israeli cuisine is also one of the healthiest- olive oil! At Olia, the olive oil is treated like gold, with varying levels of quality and origins. They offer nine varieties of olive oil, as well as their descendants, all 100% natural, cold pressed, extra virgin and made purely from the finest Israeli olives. Don’t be overwhelmed though, as the team at Olia is very knowledgeable and ready to find something to suit your taste buds!

Ariel Restaurant

The name “Ariel” originates from the Old Testament and is one of four archangels. The name can also be pronounced “Uriel” meaning “the Light of God”. Ariel is a restaurant, cafe, and gallery located in the center of the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter. This area of town is full of life with 5 synagogues nearby and lots of history. Inside the restaurant, there’s a  dining room that seats 45 guests located on the first floor of the antique Jewish tenement-house from the 16th century. There is also a larger dining room for 80 guests on second-floor filled with hundreds of paintings and Klezmer Jewish music and seating areas in the basement and gallery room.