Borscht and Bagel Tour

The Jewish history in Moscow and St. Petersburg is relatively modern. After the February Revolution of 1917 which guaranteed civil rights to all Russian citizens regardless of their nationality and faith, the Jewish community started growing in both capitals allowing jews to participate in all spheres of the economical and political life of the country.

Allow us to take you on a 9-day fascinating journey and share the stories of the Russian Jewish community through time.

-Visit the places connected with the cultural, religious, and political life of the Russian Jews.
-Walk the streets of these grand cities with our expert guide to plunge yourself into the life and history of the country.
-Taste kosher food with a local flavor
-Get to know the vibrant Jewish life of modern Russia. Meet with people and participate in numerous events.
-Visit also the must-see sites in both cities.
-Admire the art collections of the major art galleries of both capitals.
-Learn what it was like to live under the KGB’s watchful eye.

The hotels in both cities are conveniently located near the Synagogues and are friendly to Jewish needs.

Sephardic Jewish Tour of Portugal

Discover the Jewish Portugal as we travel through the memory of a Jewish past. Uncover the riches of that time in history. Let us guide you 8 days travelling through the heart of soul of Jewish Portugal searching for the Jewish roots.
Has we take in many of the highlights of this region of Portugal, we will base our tour and cultural visits on Beiras Jewish heritage. How this has been the meeting place of three great cultures and religions: Judaim, Christianity and Islam.
From the end of the 15th century persecutions, convictions and forced conversions destroyed this Jewish communities. They become “New Christians” continued, in the secrecy of their homes, to honor their religion and to orally pass on, the prayers resisting to assimilation.
This trip is a close look at to an heritage of great value, not always visible, because it has been subjected to multiple destructions and pressures, but that we are gradually discovering.
But we want also to extend your experience about the local culture, history and gastronomy. So this will be a tour where you will get to know the locals and it’s culture in this North/Center area of Portugal. For that we have prepared for you unique experiences all along the way.

Haifa Street Food Tour

Haifa boasts a thriving culinary scene that ranges from a variety of new and veteran gourmet restaurants, to some of the best and oldest street food establishments in the country. Haifa is known as a cultural tapestry, and is one of the few true examples of multicultural co-existence in the State of Israel. This lends itself to a widespread celebration of authentic Arabic-Galilean and Druze cuisines, that are unique to the city and its surrounding areas.

The port city is also home to many bars, pubs, and a thriving young nightlife scene, which includes our own original handcrafted beer, wine, and spirits.

No matter what you’re searching for, Haifa is a great place to set out, explore, and get your fill of authentic modern Israeli cuisine, and culture. -Haifa Street Food Tours

Culinary Walking Food Tour

Delicious Israel’s curated walking tours of the markets and backstreets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are not typical tourist tours. We are passionate about introducing you to our favorite local places to shop, eat, and experience Israeli cuisine. The walking tour range from 2 to 5 hours and are each filled with tastings, history, and fun! – Delicious Israel

Quba Region Jewish Tour

Travel with an expert! Come join me on an exploration of the Jewish history in the region of the famous Jewish village. As a researcher of Mountain Jewish history and a native English (וגם עברית) speaker, you won’t find a high-quality, more in-depth tour of Quba than with me and my company Moreshet Adventures.
A variety of tour opportunities exist: just the village, the village + region (culture and Jewish history), with options for continuing into the local mountains and Shabbat experiences in the village.

Schnitzel Tour

The Schnitzel Tour is mostly the same as the Hotrod Tour Wien company’s Daylight Tour with an additional schnitzel and potato salad snack stop at the Cafehaus Hofburg. On this tour you will see the top sites in the city and get to drive and travel in a hot rod vehicle. All participants must have a valid class B driving license and wear helmets, which are provided upon arrival. This tour gives you a unique way to travel through the streets of Vienna, explore the city’s top sites, and enjoy a delicious schnitzel.

The Other Jewish Tour of Budapest

This private, 5-hour tour takes you to all the hidden spots of Budapest filled with Jewish history and culture. You will have the opportunity to meet an active member of the local Jewish community and gain a comprehensive understanding of modern Jewish life in Budapest. During the tour, you will also visit the Neolog Synagogue and eat a 3-course Hungarian lunch in the home of a local Hungarian. There will be beginning to end transportation, allowing you to cover more ground and visit several sites and historic places. 

Urban Adventures: Bites and Sights

If you find yourself hungry in Hungary, then you may consider taking this private tour with a local guide who can show you the best Hungarian cuisine. On this tour, you will taste award-winning chocolate, authentic Jewish dishes, vintage drinks, traditional Hungarian dishes, and handmade ice cream. The minimum number of participants needed for the tour is two and the maximum is 12. Though solo travelers may book a tour, they will be charged for the base rate for two travelers.

This food tour will allow you to explore the city in a new way by dining where the locals dine and walking down the hidden streets to find hole-in-the-wall eateries with amazing food. Not only will you eat some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, but you will also discover hidden streets, bars, and restaurants, and even learn a little history along the way.

Le Marais Secret Food Tour

There’s no better way to explore the culture of a city than through the local cuisine. On this tour, you will taste a wide variety of French culinary delights including French cheeses, sausages, croissants, baguettes, macarons, chocolates, pastries, and local wines. The tour takes place in Le Marais district because the guides believe that all visitors must explore this historic district during their stay in Paris. It is here where you will truly feel the history of Paris and enjoy the beauty of Paris from medieval times.

The tour begins in the beautiful north area of Le Marais and ends in the busy streets near Saint Paul metro station, allowing you to see two very different parts of the district. When the tour concludes, you are encouraged to walk around and further explore the shops, galleries, and museums that make up this district.

Jewish Marais Tour

The Jewish Marais tour is a historic walk that begins at Place de Vosges, known by Napolean as the jewel of Paris. From here you will be lead through the streets of the Marais where you will learn about the neighborhood and how it has changed and developed over time. You will pass several sites including the famous rue Pavee synagogue and the Fleishman Synagogue, where a synagogue member will invite you inside and you will hear about the highlights and 2000-year-old history of the French Jewish community. 

From the synagogue you will cross the cobblestone streets into the Jewish neighborhood, filled with Jewish shops and bakeries, and kosher restaurants. Your guide will take you to one of Paris’ most popular falafel shops, L’As du Falafel, where you can enjoy a no-wait traditional Israeli falafel (at your own expense). L’As du Falafel is extremely popular among both locals and tourists that there is usually a long line to order their homemade falafel and shwarma. 

After the 40-minute lunch break, the tour will conclude at the Shoah Holocaust Museum and Memorial, where your guide will tell emotional stories about the Jews during WWII. Once the tour has completed, you can enter the museum at no charge if you wish to learn more about the Holocaust on your own. The Jewish Marais tour will provide you with a good overview of Jewish history in Paris as well as the modern Jewish life that thrives today.