12 Day Jewish Heritage

12 Day Jewish Heritage Tour Runs Every Wednesday! Explore modern Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean Coast, mystical Tzfat and the Golan Heights, and end with Holy Jerusalem, Masada & the Dead Sea!

13 Day Jewish Heritage

13 Day Jewish Heritage Tour Runs Every Friday! Experience Israel’s Coast, the Golan Heights & Sea of Galilee, Holy Tzfat, Jerusalem’s Old and New Cities, and the Lost City of Petra!

10 Day Jewish Heritage

10 Day Jewish Heritage Tour Runs Every Friday! Our popular 10 day Jewish tour begins with Israel’s coast, continues through the Golan Heights and Tzfat, and culminates with the holy capital of Jerusalem!

Anne Frank Walking Tour

During the Anne Frank Walking tour a professional guide takes you around Amsterdam and shows you the city  from the perspective of Anne Frank during the second world war. Starting from the Jewish Quarter and ending at the Anne Frank House, this 2 hour tour gives an interesting and in-depth perspective on what Anne Frank and others had to go through during these difficult times. Discover the many hiding places in the city where families like the Franks were forced to seek refuge. Get a sense of what life was like in the Netherlands following the occupation by the Germans in the early 1940s. Hear the story of Anne Frank’s diary and how her father, Otto, ended up publishing it.

Jewish History & Anne Frank Tour

Travel back in time with us in this private tour to learn about the life of Anne Frank and the Jewish history in Amsterdam. Starting in the 16th century, Amsterdam became the safe place for Jewish families fleeing from Southern and Eastern Europe. We will also get you advise how to get tickets for the Anne Frank House. We hope to meet you in our Private Anne Frank Tour before entering the Anne Frank House on your own pace.

The Jewish Cemetery

It is the final resting place of several famous local residents, such as Chief Rabbi Lipot Löw who was the first representative of the Hungarian moderate reformed (Neolog) movement. His son Chief Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Löw, who was said to be the most scholarly rabbi of his time, was a botanist who conceptualized the gorgeous stained-glass windows of the New Synagogue and the plants of the Biblical garden around it based on his internationally famous work entitled The Flora der Juden. You will see the tombs of journalists, writers, musicians, painters, photographers, industrialists and factory owners who played a decisive role in the life and development of Szeged.

Walk in the Old Jewish District

During this two-hour-long tour, I will introduce you the history of Jews in Szeged from the end of the 18th century until the present days by showing and visiting their homes, palaces, schools and synagogues. You will visit both the Old and the New Synagogue that is the fourth largest one in the world, built in 1903. The building underwent a complete external renovation in 2017 when its Biblical garden was also restored.

The Pick Family

Pick salami is a word famous trademark that was introduced by Mark Pick in 1883. He had three sons: Jenő, a salami producer, Móric, an architect, and Lajos (Petri), a sculptor. He was an honoured member of the Jewish community as well as that of the city. He financially supported railway development, building the New Synagogue, local schools and organizations. During this walk, you will learn about the family story, will see their dwelling places, and will learn about their special winter salami product, the first factory, and a number of palaces built by Móric who fell victim to the Shoah.

Haifa Street Food Tour

Haifa boasts a thriving culinary scene that ranges from a variety of new and veteran gourmet restaurants, to some of the best and oldest street food establishments in the country. Haifa is known as a cultural tapestry, and is one of the few true examples of multicultural co-existence in the State of Israel. This lends itself to a widespread celebration of authentic Arabic-Galilean and Druze cuisines, that are unique to the city and its surrounding areas.

The port city is also home to many bars, pubs, and a thriving young nightlife scene, which includes our own original handcrafted beer, wine, and spirits.

No matter what you’re searching for, Haifa is a great place to set out, explore, and get your fill of authentic modern Israeli cuisine, and culture. -Haifa Street Food Tours

Free Haifa Tour

This walking tour takes you to some of the most beautiful sites in Haifa including the Baha’i Gardens and Louis Promenade which gives an amazing view of the city.