Jewish Cemetery of Incarnation


The Ávila Jewish cemetery is loacted behind the Encarnación convent, giving the name Jewish Cemetery of Incarnation. The foundation of the cemterary was placed in the year 1511, when Beatriz Guiera acquired the houses of Pilón de la Mimbre, originally found, at that time, alongside the Gate of St. Vincent, alongside the Lomo synagogue. Here, Beatriz Guiera bought a Jewish Graveyard which was outside the city walls, and built his convent. During the 2012 archaeological works, many funerary structures were found. The architecture that was uncovered belonged to the graveyard of the Jewish alijama, whose community buried their dead with tombs in rows, alligned O-E, directed to the sun at the time of departure. In this cemtery, two types of tombs were established: staggered, presenting a step on either its north and south fronts, and tombs dug into a simple pit. The tombs had a sugnal on the outside, but the ones that don’t have it were the tomb buried after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.