Mosén Rubí Chapel: Former Synagogue


The historian on Sephardic themes, D. A. Halperin put forth the theory that the current Mosén Rubí chapel was originally built in 1462 as a major Synagogue and that later, when it had already been converted into a church, it was added to the hospital, following the will of María Herrera, the daughter of Diego Martínez de Herrera, a converted Jew, on October 2nd, 1512. D. A. Halperin wanted to justify this speculation by stating that his nephew, Diego de Bracamonte who implemented Maria’s will, built a wooden hospital and the chambers of the chaplains adjacent to an existing temple. Diego de Bracamonte transcribed an engraving that is inside the Chapel. The message was found to be the date of construction relating to the Jewish calendar and records the existence of a Star of David on the northwest front of the building.