London 2-day itinerary highlighting Jewish sites and restaurants

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Below find a sample 2-day itinerary to visit the main Jewish sites in London, while stopping at some delicious places to eat along the way:

Where to stay:

A great mid-range option is the Tower Hotel. It is located next to the Tower Bridge, offering great views and comfortable rooms. It’s also within walking distance of the Bevis Marks Synagogue. A more luxurious, and iconic stay is the Savoy. It’s centrally located, close to many attractions, and offers exceptional service and comfort.

DAY 1: Exploring Jewish History and Culture

Start your day at the Jewish Museum in Camden. It houses a variety of exhibits on Jewish history, culture, and traditions in Britain. How to get there: If you stay in central London, take the Northern Line tube to Camden Town station. It’s just a short walk from there.

Enjoy Lunch at Reubens, London’s famous kosher restaurant known for their salt beef sandwiches. How to get there: From the Jewish Museum, it’s about a 30-minute journey by tube. Take the Northern Line from Camden Town to Euston, then switch to the Bakerloo Line to Baker Street. Or dine at The Good Egg (non-kosher, Jewish-owned) – They serve a blend of Middle Eastern and Jewish cuisine. Try their famous Shakshuka. (93 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London). How to get there: From the Jewish Museum, take the Overground from Camden Road to Dalston Kingsland, then switch to bus 67 or 76 to Stoke Newington Church Street.

In the afternoon, visit the Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the United Kingdom. How to get there: From either restaurant, take the tube to Liverpool Street station. The synagogue is a short walk from there.

In the evening explore Brick Lane, where the Jewish community was concentrated in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s also known for its vibrant street art and food scene. How to get there: It’s a short walk from Bevis Marks Synagogue.

For dinner dinner enjoy Monty’s Deli (non-kosher, Jewish-owned) – Known for their homemade pastrami and salt beef. How to get there: From Brick Lane, take bus 8 from Shoreditch High Street Station to Hoxton Street. Or enjoy White Fish – A popular kosher fish restaurant. How to get there: From Brick Lane, take the tube from Aldgate East to Hendon Central.

DAY 2: Discovering the Modern Jewish Community

Start the day by visiting Golders Green, a neighborhood with a large Jewish population. Explore the local shops and enjoy the community atmosphere. How to get there: From central London, take the Northern Line tube to Golders Green station.

Enjoy lunch at White House Express – A popular kosher pizza and falafel spot. Or at The Happening Bagel Bakery (non-kosher, Jewish-owned) – Known for their authentic, hand-rolled bagels. How to get there: From Golders Green, take the Northern Line to Finsbury Park.

In the afternoon visit the Holocaust Memorial Garden and Anne Frank Tree in Russell Square. The tree is a sapling from the original one that Anne Frank could see from her hiding place in Amsterdam. How to get there: From either restaurant, take the tube to Russell Square station.

Spend your evening at the JW3, the Jewish Community Centre London. They often host a range of cultural events. How to get there: From Russell Square, take the Piccadilly Line to Swiss Cottage Station. JW3 is a short walk from the station.

Enjoy dinner at Zest at JW3 – A contemporary Kosher restaurant located in the same building as JW3, serving a variety of Middle Eastern inspired dishes.Or try the Palomar (non-kosher, Jewish-owned) – Renowned for its Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. How to get there: From JW3, take the Jubilee Line from Swiss Cottage to Green Park, then switch to the Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus. The restaurant is a short walk from there.

Remember, you can always tweak the itinerary to better suit your preferences and travel style on the Tripographer app. You can also check out Tripographer‘s other London trips, bookable experiences, and featured attractions to help you further plan your trip.