Shuk and Cook

Heritage Food and Drink Private Historical Art

Join me on a culinary adventure in Tel Aviv’s historic neighbourhood of Florentine or the Yemenite Quarter. We will visit Levinsky or Carmel Market and learn about their history and evolution. You will be introduced to shop owners and their heritage and taste traditional dishes. You will be shown the unique ingredients that make up the diverse cuisine found in Israel. The adventure will continue in my kitchen with a workshop on signature dishes found in Israel using ingredients from the market. We will conclude with a feast of flavours and cocktails

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Tasting treats from the market

Gazoz – A refreshing reinterpretation of a soda (cool drink) using seasonal ingredients, fresh herb and bubbles.
Anti-pasta platter from a Turkish deli including signature olives
Burekas – stuffed phyllo pastry in a Turkish style
Churchkhela- a Georgian sweet of nuts encased in grape jelly.
Halva – a sesame based confectionary found in the middle east and the Mediterranean amongst others in different varieties.

Cooking workshop

Baba ganush with green tahini (flame smoked eggplant with a sesame dip sauce blended with lots of parsley)
Almond labane with zaatar and pomegranate    (zesty nut cheese with a special herb and sesame seasoning)
Freekeh (smoked green wheat) salad with dried figs, pistachios, parsley, mint and sumac dressing

Kebabs on cinnamon sticks
Mejadara ( a Levantine dish of rice and brown lentils with mounds of caramelised onions)

Malabi in two flavours – classic rose with pistachio and halva with silan and salted almonds

Also includes:
– Cocktails: arak with grapefruit, mint and cucumber
– Local wine with meal
– Recipe booklet and spices to take home
– Menu and tastings may vary according to season


Mondays-Thursdays 10: 30 -14:30 or 15:30 – 19:30

Fridays 9:30 – 13:30