Neni am Naschmarkt

Neni’s goal is to bring ethnic Middle Eastern foods to the heart of Vienna and other cities around the world. Dining in the Naschmarkt is a unique experience in itself because you can feel the energy of the market through your entire meal.  All of the spices you smell in the market are brought to life in Neni’s dishes. If you appreciate flavor and an energetic atmosphere, you won’t leave this restaurant disappointed. 

If you come for breakfast you can enjoy an avocado toast, shakshuka with organic eggs, vegan blueberry porridge with coconut milk, or the Oriental breakfast with fava beans, hummus, and eggs. In the afternoon you can begin your meal with a variety of vegetable-based starters, such as roasted cauliflower, oven eggplant, falafel, or oriental spring rolls. Then, for the main course, you can enjoy a fillet of salmon, lamb shank, or Sabich among several other options.

The menu at Neni has something for everyone. All menu items are marked with common allergens to try to accommodate for all dietary needs. Dining at Neni at the Naschmarkt will give you a unique experience. You will taste some of the best Middle Eastern food the city has to offer.   



Olive Tree

Olive Tree is a cozy restaurant in Budapest’s District VI, serving a variety of traditional Israeli, Hungarian, and Ukrainian dishes. Their goal is to bring the wonderful flavors of Jerusalem to Budapest for locals and tourists to enjoy. The founders of Olive Tree chose hummus as their primary dish because of its health benefits and the way it compliments several other dishes such as falafel and salad. At Olive Tree, you can choose from 16 hummus entrees or one of their other Middle Eastern falafel or shakshuka dishes.

Everything on their menu is made with fresh and real ingredients for both the taste and health benefits. You will also find many vegan and gluten-free options, making it a perfect stop for anyone looking for authentic Israeli cuisine. The interior is simple, yet cozy, and the menu is well priced for the high-quality flavors and ingredients. If you are a hummus fan, Olive Tree will give you a new way to explore this Middle Eastern dish.


La Escudilla

La Escudilla is a kosher restaurant located in the Camberi neighborhood, next to the synagogue Beth Yaacov. Since 2002, the Susana family has run the restaurant and all of their Glatt Kosher meat is supplied by their own sister butchery in Madrid. The restaurant’s tasty cuisine comes from North Africa and Sephardic roots, which combine together to produce authentic and flavorful dishes. 40 guests can fit in La Escudilla’s two dining rooms, making it a perfect space for large groups and banquets. 

Le Sud

One of the first things most customers notice when stepping into Le Sud, is their colorful display of Middle Eastern and Northern African cuisine. While it is a great restaurant for those wanting take-out, many people also stay to dine and enjoy the inviting atmosphere.  They have several hummus varieties and add unique twists to their other traditional dishes.