Holiday of Holidays

The Holiday of Holidays Festival will run for its 27th year in Haifa, city of religions, cultures, food, and views.

The festival is an initiative of Beit Ha’Gefen – Arab-Jewish Cultural Center, and the Haifa Municipality, which was founded in 1993 and takes place in Beit Ha’Gefen and Wadi Nisnas and the German Colony in Haifa.

The aim of the festival is to promote and foster tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art.

The festival presents art exhibitions, artist meetings, and various performances with an emphasis on cultural diversity in Haifa and Israel.

The works are displayed both in the public space – the alleys of the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood coming to the German Colony, Haifa, and in the Beit Hagefen Gallery and this year also on billboards throughout the Hadar neighborhood – a special exhibition by Haifa artists!

This year we will celebrate together from 10-20 December – and due to this year’s unique circumstances we will have most of our events On Line.

The Holiday of Holidays festival is the culmination of the year of activity at Beit Ha’Gefen, and is designed in the spirit of the values of Beit Ha’Gefen.
Our activities are based on the belief that interpersonal acquaintance and encounter with another culture, its stories, cultural and spiritual assets, are important for breaking down barriers and building trust between different nationalities, ethnic and religious groups in Haifa and Israel.

Photo credit: Shaula Haitner Pikiwiki Israel

Karmiel Dance Festival

The Karmiel Dancing Festival is held held annually mid July/August where five hundred dancers from around the country come to perform in dozens of shows for thousands of visitors. This fiesta lasts for three days and nights and  includes over 80 shows. The types of dancing include classic, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ethnic. The festival starts with a colorful parade with 3000 dancers wearing fascinating dresses accompanied by authentic orchestras. Some competitions will take place: Choreographic competition, popular dancing competition and Jazz competition. The last two turned to tradition in the festival.

Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week is an annual international literary festival, held in London.

Every year, the festival brings together writers and speakers – from the most eminent to the first-time published – from the worlds of history, journalism, philosophy, science, art, music, poetry and fiction in a celebration of ideas.

The festival features Jewish themes and writers, as well as discussions on the most important issues of the day, and is open to everyone.

Over eighty events are presented during the festival itself. A number of special events are also organised over the course of the year, outside the festival period.

Jewish Book Week is organized by the Jewish Book Council, a registered UK charity.

International Belly Dancing Festival

“On February 24-27   2021  the world’s biggest oriental dance festival will celebrate 17th edition- the Eilat Festival.  It’s a unique event- combining Deluxe resort hospitality with an intense schedule, full of shows, classes, parties, & competition- for fans of oriental & Latin dance in any age.
This mega event is organized by Orit Maftsir & Yael Moav in Israel, located in the Isrotel Sport Hotel on the Red Sea shore in Eilat.
For 4 full days guest are dancing everywhere in the hotel, enjoying full board hospitality, free drinks and free alcohol at night parties. It’s a paradise- and the hotel is designed specially to match the heaven concept of ALL INCLUSIVE event under the summer sun of Eilat- in February!
Find here at the TOOLBAR all the information about the progam, teacehrs, registration and prices.” -IBDF

The International Online Bible Contest for Adults

This annual contest takes place at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem and is also broadcast live, in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education. Participants must be Jewish and over the age of 22. A live quiz is held is several countries throughout the world and two candidates from each country are selected for the international contest  held during Hanukkah. All contestants of the Hanukkah International Bible Contest will be entitled to full hospitality, including flights, as guests of the Ministry of Education.

Images by יעקב via Wikimedia

International Bible Contest for Youth

Each country has the opportunity to send 1-4 high school aged students to compete in the International Bible Contest held in Jerusalem. These national winners participate in a two-week Bible camp where they tour Israel and meet some of Israel’s leaders before competing in the international competition. The camp cost is covered by the Jewish Agency and other groups. After taking an exam a few days into camp, the top 16 contestants compete in the International Contest, held annually on Israeli Independence Day in the Jerusalem Theater. The competition is streamed live for those abroad to participate in the experience.

Image by רבבה via Wikimedia

Jewish Heritage Night

From Detroit Public Television and award-winning producers Sue Marx and Allyson Rockwell comes this 50-minute retrospective documentary about Jewish life in Detroit. The film traces the roots of Jews in Detroit from the 1700’s with the arrival of the first Jewish fur trader in Detroit and culminates in the importance of Jewish leadership in the political, civil rights, arts, cultural and educational life of the region today. Told through interviews, archival footage, home movies and historic photographs, the film will bring back warm memories of cherished traditions for those who grew up in Detroit’s large, close-knit community. The film also features entertaining interviews and archival footage of Detroit leaders like Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Sander Levin, Joe Nederlander, Max Fisher and many more in this entertaining and enriching documentary for Jews and non-Jews alike

Ben Bril Memorial Boxing Gala

The Ben Bril Memorial Boxing Gala takes place in October at the Royal Theatre Carré, formerly the circus ring, in the center of Amsterdam. The show’s highly celebrated namesake, Ben Bril, was a Jewish boxing legend in Amsterdam and abroad. Barend “Ben” Bril (1912-2003) paved the way for Jewish athletes worldwide and is continually honored with this esteemed annual gala event. Throughout October, stay informed of the event’s details, as this is one not to be missed!

The Dutch boxer participated in the 1928 Summer Olympics at age 15. Although he was very successful, Bril’s life was not without hardships. Ten years after being denied participation in what would have been his second Summer Olympics because he was a Jew, Bril was deported to a concentration camp in Germany along with his family. After the war, the boxer began refereeing in Europe.