Jewish Tour of Lisbon

Our private Jewish sightseeing tour takes you to three of the four old Jewish quarters in Lisbon. We start out in the Alfama Jewish quarter, where you will discover the most ancient and traditional neighborhood in all of Lisbon. Wander with us through the narrow streets and local small squares – truly an experience not to be missed.

Next, we visit the quarter known as Old Jewry, where you will see the majestic Manueline door of the Old Conception Church and learn about the rich history of the ancient Palace Square.

From there, we head to the heart of Lisbon, where we will see many shops, cafes, and artists. We walk on one of the most beautiful streets in Lisbon – Augusta Street – and see Rossio Square, with its famous Theater D. Maria II, previously known as the Palace of Estaus – the Inquistion Headquarters. Here you will visit the Jewish Memorial, known as Largo de Sao Domingos. This memorial to the victims of the 1506 Jewish Massacre was erected on April 19, 2006, the 500th anniversary of their slaughter. Then, we will enjoy Lisbon’s official drink, a ginjinha, a cherry liquer.

Our afternoon begins with a tour of the Lisbon Synagogue, Shaare Tikva (opened in 1904), the first synagogue to be built since the destruction of Portuguese Jewry in 1497, and the only synagogue left in Lisbon. We are now in the third and final Jewish quarter on our tour, the Judiaria da Pedreira, located in the Largo do Carmo Square in the Barrio Alto. The narrow streets and lively squares of the Barrio Alto make it one of Lisbon’s most famous neighborhoods.

Next, it’s off to the Belem quarter to visit the Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, and the Monument to the Discoveries.

Our day ends with an internationally known delicacy – the “pastel de Belem,” Lisbon’s delicious custard pastry, and our thanks for visiting Jewish Lisbon.

Sephardic Jewish Tour of Portugal

Discover the Jewish Portugal as we travel through the memory of a Jewish past. Uncover the riches of that time in history. Let us guide you 8 days travelling through the heart of soul of Jewish Portugal searching for the Jewish roots.
Has we take in many of the highlights of this region of Portugal, we will base our tour and cultural visits on Beiras Jewish heritage. How this has been the meeting place of three great cultures and religions: Judaim, Christianity and Islam.
From the end of the 15th century persecutions, convictions and forced conversions destroyed this Jewish communities. They become “New Christians” continued, in the secrecy of their homes, to honor their religion and to orally pass on, the prayers resisting to assimilation.
This trip is a close look at to an heritage of great value, not always visible, because it has been subjected to multiple destructions and pressures, but that we are gradually discovering.
But we want also to extend your experience about the local culture, history and gastronomy. So this will be a tour where you will get to know the locals and it’s culture in this North/Center area of Portugal. For that we have prepared for you unique experiences all along the way.

Smart Tour Segway Tours

We run guided segway tours, culinary tours and bike tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the past 10 years. We have enriched hundreds of thousands of peoples trip to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv with un unforgettable tour.

Arieh David Scharnberg

Want an experience you can’t get with a large group? Come join me for unique explorations of Azerbaijani Jewish history.
I am a researcher of Azerbaijani Jewish history and have compiled the most extensive database of Jewish historical locations in Azerbaijan to-date. I have 3 years of guiding experience in Azerbaijan + multiple years of guiding experience in the USA, Israel, Jordan, and Europe. It is my pleasure and honor to get to share these rich stories and locales with people wanting to experience them in Baku, Quba, and all across Azerbaijan’s rich cultural tapestry.


Mag was born and raised in southern Burgenland and has always loved Austria and learning about its history and culture. Since 1997, Mag has worked, studied, and lived in Vienna. She continues to find new and fascinating information to learn about the city. At the University of Vienna, she studied Austrian and contemporary history and decided to finally become a tour guide after the two-year training course at WIFI Vienna.

In university, her thesis focused on the destruction during World War II, and Mag particularly loves guiding tours about this topic. Mag offers a variety of personalized tours based on your interests. She will explore the city with you on foot, bike, bus, or lead you around a museum you might be interested in. If you have a particular interest such as music or art, Mag is happy to create a tour about the incredible Austrian artists in one of the art museums, or take you to various spots in the city with a rich history in art.

Mag works with smaller groups as well as schools and universities, starting from age six. Whether you are six or sixty, want to learn about a specific topic or see the top Vienna sites, Mag will share all she knows with you and in an interesting way. You will leave the tour feeling connected to Venetian history and will gain insider travel tips for the rest of your stay in the incredible city.


Julia was born and raised in Budapest and is very passionate about the history and culture of her beautiful city. She is an enthusiastic tour guide offering private, customized tours in Budapest and around Hungary. While her website shows several tour options, each can be changed and customized for you and your friends or family. Julia is happy to show you the city’s main attractions, but she also wants to give you the perspective of a local and share with you details about how the people live, legends that only locals know, and stories about what the locals have experienced over the last few decades. 

Historically, Hungary has been a melting pot of different people and cultures which makes it such an interesting city to explore. You can choose either a walking tour around the city or take a minivan to reach the breathtaking countryside. She offers specialized tours on Hungarian architecture, art, castles, food, and wine. As photo editor of the country’s most popular food magazine, Julia knows the best Hungarian cuisine and is happy to recommend delicious places to eat. Julia is excited to share her passion with you and show you the best of Budapest.


Emily creates tailor-made tours based on your interest in hopes of helping you make the most out of your holiday or time in Budapest. She offers tours in a variety of languages and can even provide a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan to travel to further locations such as Vienna or other neighboring historic towns. She has experience with kids from working in schools, is happy to accommodate to the older adult population who might have difficulty walking, and is always willing to explore the city on foot for the athletic travelers. 

Whether you are interested in the city’s general history, a specific site, art, or Hungarian food, Emily will make sure you end her tour with all your questions answered. She can take you on a sightseeing tour to some of the city’s top sites such as the Basilica, Parliament, Andrassy Avenue, Opera, Chain Bridge, Matthias Church, and Danube Corso. Some of her other specialty tours include a Jewish tour in the city center, city lights tour, extended Budapest tour (5-8 hours), Lake Balaton and Herend tour, Danube tour, Szentendre tour, and Art Nouveau tour. Whatever you are interested in, just tell Emily and she will create a spectacular itinerary that allows you to check off the sites and destinations on your Budapest bucket list.  


Elisa was born and raised in western France in the city of Brittany. She studied art history, Spanish, and English, became a licensed tour guide, and then finally moved to Paris. There are several tours Elisa offers and she is allowing willing to adapt the tour to fit your family or group’s interests. She can take you to the Opera House or the Eiffel Tower, take you on a day tour of the city’s highlights and top attractions, and even take you around the Louvre or Orsay Museum, showing you some of the most famous masterpieces.

Maybe you want to explore Auvers-Sur-Oise, the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived, or visit the Basilica of Saint-Denis, where the French kings are buried. Wherever you decide to tour, Elisa will make sure you have a relaxing day filled with history, fun, and memories.