Ganvegam Restaurant is located in the center of Baku city and opened in the February of 2022. This small two-stored family-owned restaurant is the only kosher restaurant in Baku. The restaurant complies with kashrut and is monitored by Rabbi Moshe Kishon and Rav Ruvin. Menu offers wide range of meals to choose from variety of soups such as mushroom and lentil soup, traditional hummus, falafel or shakshuka with freshly baked pita and even try dishes of Mountain Jews such as gaylo. They also serve variety of fish meals with dorado, trout,salmon and traditional dishes such as levengi and buglama.
Along with delicious kosher food, visitors can purchase kosher products or accessories. The restaurant has shelves with kosher products and accessories such as kipas, Shabbat and Hannukah candles, tallit and etc.