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World Jewish Travel Official February 27, 2023

The Jewish Story of Cordoba, Spain

Situated on a river and fertile farming land, Cordoba has a diverse and varied history of both Muslim and Christian rule which can be seen in the amazing architecture or churches and mosques alike. Cordoba is also home to the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, the palace of King Ferdinand and Isabella - the palace where Christopher Colombus bid farewell before sailing to the Americas and the main tribunals of the Spanish Inquisition. Cordoba's inns are also mentioned in Don Quixote. Famous personalities: Abraham ibn Daud (1110-1180) Abraham ibn Ezra (1089-1167) Isaac Al-Fasi (1013-1103) Hasday ibn Shaprut (910-975) Moses ben Maimon, Maimonides (03/30/1135 - 12/13/1204) Judah Halevi  (1070-1141)

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